"I'm trying my best, the spirit has been really, really strong in them, so can never argue with that!"

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello Family!

Sure do love you guys a whole lot, I hope that you all had a fantastic week, and you are doing well! This week was a good one, but kind of slow.. not exactly that much to do when all of the students peace out, but it was a good one, we had lots of fun!! We have some pretty fun plans today for P-Day.. We are all headed to the beach today, which is about 45 minutes away! We did our proselyting hours this morning, so we have the rest of the day for P-Day, going to be grilling and playing volleyball, and all that fun stuff! So it should be good! Lets get to the week!

Saturday - So Saturday night, our appointments fell through, so we ended up contacting the remainder of the evening! And has some good success, I love being with Elder Otu though, whatever we are doing, it is a blast, so being with him, made this week the bomb! 

Sunday - Church day! Had an awesome fast and testimony meeting, I was wearing my tie, spirit was so strong! Unfortunately we did not have any investigators there... afterwards, we had the break the fast meal! So that was dang good, chinese food! Then we had our correlation meeting, and then we had a little pow wow with our district to divide and conquer the ward roster! And then we did some contacting the rest of the night, sorry if this email is lame! :)

Elder Hintze on Campus
PS - It has been soooo hott here lately, humidity has shot up! So all we do is just sweat pretty much! :)

Monday - So we did some contacting on campus ALL DAY Long! It was a good time, had fairly good success, the campus had been dead, but we catch all of the stragglers.. in the Consecrated Missionary talk it talks about putting our fears on the altar and talking to everyone.. so we talked about it in District Meeting, and Otu and I have been doing that, anyone we have seen this week we have been getting after them, it has really been so fun! Then sometime about mid afternoon, we gave some campus sisters a blessing! Then we took sometime, to go through all of the clubs listed on FSU's website, and we picked out all of the good ones to try and get involved in.. so hopefully something will come of it! Pres encouraged us to do that! We ate dinner then had FHE!

Tuesday - District Meeting in the morning! It went fairly good again this week, as best as it can with a scrub for a District Leader, so I'm trying my best, the spirit has been really, really strong in them, so can never argue with that! Then oh boy, this week... after the meeting the 1st ward elders were giving us a ride, and so we went with them to a quick service project. Then we taught this chinese kid named Hon and it wasn't a real formal lesson it was in his apartment complex parking lot, but he asked tons of good questions, and we are teaching him again, so hopefully we will get him rolling along! And then we taught Will Lasley with Robert Hudson, he is a member who just moved from Jacksonville, so solid, only been a member for less than a year, and he played soccer with Will in high school, so he is perfect for him! We had a lesson with Will about prayer and the Spirit, and how it communicates with us, and it went fantastic! Then we had a lesson with Dusty in the late evening!

Wednesday - We emailed some more of the clubs for FSU in the morning, we have sent a bunch out, so we will see if we get any responses! And then we had a lesson with Dusty in the afternoon, did some family history work with him, we are having some really good success, and we are going to be doing family history with his mom as well.. We have tons of names ready for him. Also Taylor Wilhelm will be in Utah for conference coming up! 

Thursday - Did a bit of weekly planning in the morning! And then we had a lesson with Dusty, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie with him, love that movie! We also gave him a blessing, he asked for us to give him one.. to help out! Then we did some contacting until dinner, and then we had sports night/ cleaning the church, we played some volleyball!

Friday - We went and we tried to contact some names we had been given from Elders Quorum to no avail! And then we went contacting on FAMU.. we love FAMU!!! The people there are so much nicer, than the people on FSU, as I mentioned it is an all african american university pretty much, and they are so awesome, we love it there, we will be spending more time there!! Then we did a bit of FSU in the evening!

Saturday - We had some awesome lessons set up this morning... but unfortunately none of them turned out! So we contacted FSU, and it was literally bare, so can't wait for school to start back up this week, it will make life much easier! :)

Love you all like crazy!!!! :)

Elder Hintze

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