"Lord, I ask that these 2 can come to the true knowledge of you, and they can no longer be led astray!"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello Family! 

Well another week, another dollar! This week was fantastic, nothing too exciting happening, it has been a tough last couple to have lessons! This week was mid term exams, so everyone was running crazy and now this upcoming week will be Spring Break, so that is going to be hard for us to stay busy... with there being not a sole on campus! Spring Break is really tough in a lot of areas in the mission.. we already got a big email about it, Panama City Beach is the worst! How are you all this week!? Great, good to hear! Lets get to the week!

Saturday - P-Day and then preparing for the adult session of stake conference! Which was really good, we had Elder Thompson there of the Seventy, he is I think from like the Sixth Quorum of the Seventy, they did like a big ward council and then people from the audience, could then ask questions! Pretty interesting!

Sunday - Again we had Stake conference in the morning! We unfortunately didn't have anyone at church. So we are all struggling to get people to church, Florida has a 14% church attendance for the whole state! Anyway, it was really good, they had a lot of testimonies, and then Elder Thompson had the majority of the meeting, he did so good, the spirit was very, very strong! He told lots of stories from his ancestors.. I have had a lot of promptings and just desire to learn more about our ancestors, it is something that is hard to do, because we don't have much free time. But when I get home it is something that I plan to do a lot of! Just reading there are tons of amazing people, who made sacrifices for the Gospel, so I want to learn more about them!  We had a family history appointment with a guy name Shawn, had some success, we will be meeting up with him after the break to do some more! Then we did some contacting until a baptism in the evening. When we showed up at 6:45, Kiara is her name, was not there. (I gave her baptismal inteview last week.)
She showed up at 7 pm, with all of her family... it was awesome! All non members, so we all got to go around and meet all of them and talk to them!

Monday - We taught a lesson to Dusty, really good lesson! The spirit has really been working hard on helping us with him, every lesson, he says, I think you guys are following me or something every lesson is right what I needed. So we are trying to help him prepare for the Priesthood! And then we contacted until about 5 pm in the evening, when we met this kid named Thomas, on campus at Denny's he bought us dinner, we contacted him last week and he wanted to meet us there, nice kid! Very serious, he is joining the air force, we kicked it off great with him, and then in Denny's we shared with him the Restoration, and it felt so good, despite the distractions. Elder Otu and I really felt led by the Spirit, so he was very open minded. And so we will be meeting with him after Spring Break! 

Tuesday - We had District Meeting, it went really, really good! President and Sister Smith came and were in attendance! It went really, really well! There are some pictures on the blog of President and others preaching on chairs and that is in district meeting, it went well!
President Smith
And then Pres and Sis Smith offered some instruction for us, just to make sure that everyone on campus is on the same page...  The whole Tally 1 Zone this last transfer is stacked with good missionaries, so we have a good zone! And then they took us to lunch at Chipotle! And then we contacted the rest of the night!

Wednesday - We went to lunch with Taylor Wilhelm. Then we chased down a referral with him, turns out it wasn't much of a referral as it is a PM Family on the 4th Wards roster, so we sent it to them! Then we had another lesson with Dusty Young, we did some family history with him and turns out one side of his family has all of their temple work done, so it was pretty cool! Then we had another FH appointment with these 2 guys named Jamal and Bodey, not too much success, but turns out one found a piano and started playing, which led to the chapel.. and so it turned into a mini church tour and we are going to teach them the Gospel! Then we contacted the remainder of the night!

Thursday - Finished all of our weekly planning in the morning. Then we had a lesson with this dude named David... oh brother. We had Lauren Herzog a member there, it was not a good lesson! We shared with him the Restoration, started out strong and good Spirit there, but he was so disinterested and wasn't really accepting or open minded to it, and then once we finished he has just tons of anti questions that he was asking us.. the only problem is we would answer them and then he wouldn't accept the answer and would go at us again. I try not to contend! And then later in the day, we had a conversation with a guy on campus, after him disagreeing, we said a prayer for him, and he said in the prayer, "Lord, I ask that these 2 can come to the true knowledge of you, and they can no longer be led astray!" I just smiled as he was praying! Good stuff, I love everyone though! We taught Dusty Young in the evening again.

Friday - Tradeoff with Elder Milne... hahaha, and we literally contacted all day! It has been cold again here, so it was frigid, and campus was slowly dieing. So we made a trip to FAMU, don't know if I told you we cover that as well, but just don't go often, it is predominatly an african american school.... like 99%, but we may try and go some more, we had some success! I was able to walk with one girl, and recite the 1st vision as we walked that was fun! Then in the evening we helped set up for the Family History fair they are doing at the church building today!

And now here I am, headed to hopefully play some tennis today!! I love you guys!!!

Elder Hintze

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