"His only thing is when Jesus came and said, "it is finished" I don't see a need for more prophets."

Saturday, February 28, 2014

Hello family!!

Coming to you from a rainy day/cold day in Tallahassee, this week has been cold on the weather! Hope everyone is well and happy today, I myself am doing fantastic, thanks for asking! This week.. well.. was not quite as good as last week! This has been a very very hard week! But those weeks are good too! The students here at FSU are approaching midterm exams, and working towards spring break.. so don't know if the next weeks will be any better! But we are staying on them! Something about this cold weather, makes people so unhappy.. my go to phrase as we have been talking to people this week is, after I pat them on the back, "Hey Cheer up man, life's a blessing, we love ya!" Somebodies gotta put some life into these people! I can honestly say that these last couple of weeks, I have never been so exhausted in my whole entire life... Elder Otu and I have been going to bed early, first time in my mission that I have done such a thing... SO I will tell you all about the week, lets do it:

Saturday - After a great P-Day, we did some contacting on campus and then a member took us out to dinner.

Sunday - We had our correlation meeting in the morning.. followed up with ward council! Elder Otu and I go in and represent the whole district in ward council.. really awesome ward council, Bishop Havlicak is the man, so it was good to be part of that! Then we had church meetings, and it was a really, really good day at church, the meetings were awesome, we had Will there, and it seemed that every meeting was catered to him. Afterwards, all the appointments fell through so we ended up on campus contacting some folks!

Monday - Some members took us to dinner. One of them is named Jake Long, he served in Kai Hintze's mission in El Salvador, he was AP down there for a bit with him. Then we had a lesson with Dusty in the evening, Dusty is still doing well! Then we had FHE and it was a Phantom FHE, so a quick lesson and then we went out and made some visits to some less active folks!

Tuesday - We had zone training, no district meeting! Boy was that fun to be a spectator after so many of them up there teaching, I loved it! All of the sisters and Elder Peterson and Milne did really good, strong spirit there! So good! The mission had been doing a huge push to be consecrated missionaries, from a talk given by Tad Callister titled Consecrated Missionary, so they talked about that a bit! Great talk. Oh my goodness... so afterwards we taught a lesson with Taylor Wilhelm. We taught a kid by the name of Isiah Elliott, he is a former investigator, who was set to be baptized, but lived in a baptist housing community and they just antied him like crazy, but he showed up again, he is 18. Interesting lesson! We then had a family history appointment with a girl named Jackie, super nice girl, didn't have much success, but will be meeting again to try and do some more! Then we contacted the rest of the evening, until we attended institute with Will Lasley! Sister Dalley always cooks afterwards, and she made like cafe rio style rice and dressing and man it was most likely the best meal I have eaten in my mission!

Wednesday - All of the FSU missionaries, met up and then we went on campus to divide and conquer we had like a little sign up and then we were just contacting people using this new family history survery.. it was a lot of fun, well I had a blast! And then we had another lesson with Dusty Young. And then the rest of the night we contacted, all our appointments fell through.

Thursday - So we met that guy named Kevin that we met on campus with that 2nd ward member, we met him at the Suwanee Cafeteria on campus, it is designed like the cafeteria off of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, so it was a cool experience! He bought us lunch, super nice of him. Such a cool guy, we had lunch and over lunch had a lesson of sorts.. he had sent us some questions! 1. Who goes to Heaven? 2. Where do you see the need for Mormonism opposed to Christianity? 3. What are the pros and cons of the legalism of Mormonism? 4. How are you guys so positive? 5. What are your goals for your 2 year mission? So he had some interesting questions! And he is sincerely interested, so we are going to work on him, it may be a slow process. We answered the first one, easy! But it pretty much led into the answer of the rest of them, and we shared a short restoration. His only thing is when Jesus came and said, "it is finished" I don't see a need for more prophets. So we covered that... And then contacted, taught Dusty again. Then we had breakfast with the Bishopric, they made dinner in the form of breakfast for the ward. They made something like Lake Powell hash but with sausage.. man it was good, so you best believe that when I get home, were gonna whip that up! :) Then I gave a baptismal interview to a girl named Kiara who is getting baptized on Sunday, so awesome, always a pleasure to be able to do baptismal interviews!

Friday - Reallly hard day! In the morning we were able to see a recent convert named Jaylynn Smith, super cool kid, he needs to get back to church! And then the rest of our day was contacting...  

So here I am now this morning, writing to all of you! Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to serve this mission, it honestly has just been one big BLESSING! Love you all!

Elder Hintze

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