"The rejection is just part of the deal, so I love that too, if anything it is just a testimony that the work is true!" :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hello Family!

How is everyone doing today!? Hope well, I am doing fantastic today! It has been a warm week for us here in Florida, it is miserable and awesome at the same time.. I have been sweating profusely! But it was a good week this week! We are grateful that spring break has ended, and the people are back! Also it was transfer week this week! Which we had some moves around us and with us, so I will talk about those! Lets get to it: (I may be kind of brief, I am the king of dilly dally as you all know... so running out of time)

Today we did our proselyting from 10 am to 1 pm again, and then we have the rest of the day for P-Day! So we had to finish up some weekly planning at our place earlier this morning and then we headed onto campus.. campus was bumping today, they had lots of activities going on, so we had a successful day of contacting on campus! This evening there is a fire pit behind the institute and I think we will be having a little bonfire and then roast some delicious delicacies over the flames!

Saturday - We did our proselyting in the morning again! And then we had P-Day, and it was really fun! We all went to the beach, the beach was less than desirable unfortunately, we don't have very good beaches near us! But it was Sister Crandall's birthday, so we had a dinner there and desserts and all kinds of goodies, there was no grill, so I went with Otu, Palau, and Taylor W. to go to Bro Livingston's house (Institute teacher) which was not but 5 minutes away to use his grill, so we were grill duty! So it was a lot of fun!

Sunday - Don't know if I told you, but Taylor Wilhelm is our new ward mission leader, so that is super awesome! In the morning before church we had our meetings, correlation and then ward council, which led up to church! Good day at church, unfortunately we did not have anyone at church on Sunday..  But we did teach Gospel Principles class, we did what seemed like a good job, so hopefully it went well! Then we did our contacting and then some weekly planning! It was in the evening that we found out that we were getting a 3rd companion, Elder Otu and I knew and felt that would happen! Elder Otu and I are absolutely on the same page, everything that we did we were one, so it has been a delightful transfer with him.. but we will do it again with our 3rd comp! :)

Monday - We taught Dusty in the afternoon, we did some family history with him, we called his grandmother and we got loads of information from her and were able to log all of it into the computer! So we are cruising right along with him, his mom is very interested in that.. Then we had our Tally 1 Zone and Tally 2 Zone dodgeball tournament... and let me tell you family, the Campus District just straight whipped up on some people, we dominated, it was a blast! If I don't say so myself, I only got out one time, and I led the team to victory, so fun!
The District
We then taught Cameron Locke before FHE, he is a recent convert as of September of last year, his is really cool! We taught him some commandments. Then we had FHE, which we ditched out on early so we could go start calling some of our potential investigators!

Tuesday - Had District Meeting in the morning! It was a really, really good one I think! It has been really, really fun to be a District Leader again! Then we had a day full of contacting on campus we went to FAMU and did some at FSU, had a really, really good day! It is always just a struggle out there, but I love it! The rejection is just part of the deal, so I love that too, if anything it is just a testimony that the work is true! :) We have been trying to get in with the clubs on FSU, have had some success... in the evening we attended The Lions Club meeting on Campus in hopes to get service oppurtunities.. it was cool, people were so nice, we got to stand up and introduce ourselves!

Wednesday - Transfer Day!!! So we drove out to transfers and then drove back! It is an all day ordeal, so we got back about 7 pm, and then we ate dinner with Julian Havlicak, love Julian, he just got off of his mission in Mexico. And then we did some contacting on campus! So transfer news! Elder Welch is gone as AP, so it is just Sorenson and Palau. Elder Peterson got transferred,
Elder Peterson & Elder Hintze
and the zone leaders are now Elder Milne and Elder Jorgenson, who both served on FSU while I was a Zone Leader, so the tables have turned! I love Elder Jorgenson, so he is one of my favorites, glad to have him back at the pound, we also got Elder Riddle out back in the shack, he was the Mobile ZL, so he is here as a DL now, love him to! So our zone has some killer missionaries! Our 3rd his name is Hyrum Carlile, Elder Carlile was trained in Dothan 1st while I was there with Smith, so I know him well. He is from Eagle Mountain, Utah.. has been on his mission for 16 months.

Thursday - We had Elder Johnston with us from New Zealand, he was the man! He was a visa waiter for Samao, so he took off, and we held him for a day! So we split up, it was a full day of contacting, I was with Elder Otu and Carlile and Johnston were together. We had a lot of lessons and we had it mapped out to who would teach who, but all of them fell through except for two for them! So Otu and I taught Thomas with Quinn B, we taught him once before in Denny's he is awesome, we gave him a church tour and talked about baptism, different organizations of the church. Then concluded in the Chapel, talked about the church service.. he hadn't read the Book of Mormon, and he had some concerns about physical evidences... which is the worst question ever. So we covered that and how he can receive the answer and how the Spirit works, and then we just testified. So interesting that people read the Bible which talks so much about the Holy Ghost and trusting/faith in God, yet it is so much a problem to people... just read it and ask! Then second lesson was a guy named Jeremy, I contacted him on campus, he is a rapper! And so Carlile and Otu taught him with Taylor W, while Johnston and I made phone calls! They said the lesson actually went really well! 

Friday - We did some more contacting in the morning! We taught Dusty again and we ended up watching the talk Bread or Stones: Understanding the God that We Pray To, which was awesome! And then we taught these two members named Spencer Gonzales and Ben Austraw, really cool guys, got to know them and shared a message with them! Then we did our weekly planning, almost all of it.

And now here I am! It has been so good here, I really am so happy! And we are working our guts out, haven't had a whole lot of success with getting people to stick.. so we are trying to find some good people. But it will all work out, I recently was given a talk called "The 4th Missionary" it was written by Elder Lawrence Corbridge of the Seventy, and it basically changed my mission! So I'm trying to be the 4th missionary! Love you all like crazy!!!!

Elder Hintze

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