"all they talked about was missionary work... it was beyond fantastic."

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Family!

I am here, coming in a little bit late this week.. started to email and then had to wait around to be able to get onto the computers again so that we could finish! We had a pretty good week this week, it has been HOT here.. it is a joke, so I am getting used to just uncontrollable sweating again, even if we are out for like 2 seconds! Gotta love it though! Lets get to it!

Monday - We ate dinner at the Curtis's home in the evening and had a lesson with them, then we had a lesson with the Habbard's. Had a really neat lesson with them, Sister Habbard is probably one of the most Christlike individuals that I know!

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning, it was an alright one not my best, we just talked about ways to find! We were with the Habel's so we had to get bread from the Reeves and then we headed to correlation meeting. Then we saw John Reyes. After that we ran to the hospital and had to give Sis Andersen or attempted to give her a blessing, she had to go in for surgery, but she is okay now. Then we were with the Habels, they drove us out to see Bobbie McMillan.. and we didn't get to see him, but we rode with them for a bit down to Freeport and we got to see a few people down there, we finally made contact with Bob again, and then just stopped by some less actives homes.

Wednesday - We saw Sister Miller in the morning in the rest home. And then we got out around the lake we met a man named Clyde and we got to talking with him and we shared with him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and we are headed back to teach him and his wife this week! We then went and taught Mark Lassen, we just read from the Book of Mormon with him and we talked about Faith, it is good for him just to talk to somebody. After that we saw Sis Hughes and her LA grandson named Joshua Mitchem. Then we went with Chris Jones and we taught Christian Cannon a 12 year old grandson of members who are less active and he is a non member, taught him and his son Darius. It was really hard, they were crazy... but we just talked to them about prayer, how to pray, and taught them the point of God is our Loving Heavenly Father. But I don't know how much they remembered. After that we headed out and we ate dinner with Elliott and then we helped him out for about an hour.

Thursday - We went with Sandy Jack Brown and we taught Al Jackson and we talked to him about the things that went on at church, talked a lot about the priesthood and the sacrament in terms of our baptismal covenant and then we talked about Gift of Holy Ghost and Enduring. He is doing good, he has been reading some.. which is good. I hope things continue to progress with him. He enjoyed church, and he asked some good questions about what we teach him. His daughter who is 6, is crazy, tons of attitude, she loves me, she kept coming up and sitting next to me and putting her arm around me. Hahaha. After that we got after it around the lake yard again doing some OYMIng and we had another really great experience, we met these 2 couples and both of the girls were previously baptized in the church, one in Michigan and one in Olive Branch just right next to us. So we were able to teach them, the one from Olive Branch was super into it , she said that she still believes all of it and we are trying to teach them, we had something set up and it fell through. But then we went out with Chris Jones again, he is 15, was adopted by the Jones's is super nice. So he has been wanting to go out with us alot, so we took him with us and we went and we taught JR Strange, we taught him about the Plan of Salvation again and he has been studying and writing down tons of scriptures, so we studied the scriptures in regards to these points and we set up next time to teach him about baptisms for the dead, because he asked questions about the Spirit World. Then we saw the Linke's just an active family, visited with them and taught them a little lesson, and gave him a blessing. Then we went out Home Teaching! I went with Bro Stripling.. we saw 2 less actives Shannon Sanchez and Kate O'Neil.. But he told me his conversion story, he has recently been activated, and he just cried as he told it to me, it is so powerful. 

Friday - We had to do some weekly planning. The weekend ended up being kind of a hard one, we did not get to see that many people. We did some more OYMing around the Lake. And then we went out with Bro Stripling and we did service for Kate O'Neill we cut down and stacked up a bunch of limbs we cut down a lot of a big tree for her.

Saturday - It was Stake Conference this weekend, so we did some OYMing and saw Rosslyn, don't know whats up with her. Then we took off at about noon with Bro Jones and Elder Habel for Fort Walton for the Priesthood Leadership Session at 2 and then the Adult Session at 5 pm. We had Elder Clarke from the 70 there, then Elder Maradith from Tennessee an Area 70. Let me just tell you!!!!!! AWESOME. They were soooo good, I love how they do the Stake Conferences now, they are up and about and in the crowd and microphones passing around and they watch videos and panels, and asking questions. They were hilarious. In the Priesthood Session they talked about us as priesthood holders and how nothing is going to happen until our own homes are set in order. Then in the adult session all that they talked about was missionary work... it was beyond fantastic. I was so spiritually recharged! They were so good!

Sunday - They broadcasted it from DeFuniak.. so we got to go there and it was just as fantastic.. those two were phenomenal... ahhh so good family, so good! I loved every minute of it! They also got a new stake president here, he comes from Crestview he is only in his 40s or so, very young. One of his counselors bore his testimony and said I looked over and saw what his wife had in his bag, (crying as he said this) and you know what I saw…. diapers!" Just showing the sacrifice of how young he is. We unfortunately did not get any investigators there sadly... I really wish that we would have been able to but we didn't. We went out with Bishop afterwards to try and see the people we found around the lake. We tried to visit with James Larkins and the Wymans. But our week came to a close. 

The time on my mission has absolutely flown by. I miss you all a whole lot, love you!!!!!!!!

Elder Hintze

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