"I GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A SURVIVOR."

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Family!!!!

How is everyone doing today!? I am doing outstanding, couldn't be better. I have to apologize about my poor emailing last week, the surf was calling my name, you will have to forgive me! Plus that iPad is not the best for typing, I was going as fast as my little fingers could manage! Just want you all to know how much I love you! So to break the ice about transfers, we had interviews with our Mission Pres this week and I am going to be headed out, that is all that I can tell you. And kind of sad, but I got 3 weeks to continue to work hard!! Love you all so much! Lets get to it!

Monday - So we went down to the beach with Nathan Cobb, it was a blast, we played beach volleyball and football and threw the frisbee around, on the way down there, we picked up the Niceville Elders and there was lots of missionaries there, lots of fun! We were a little late getting back, but after that we had to get out to the Reeves place and we ate there with the Crosby's and the Reeves, and because of travel, that was our night! 

Tuesday - We had our district meeting in Crestview. Everyone participated and prepared a part of Preach my Gospel and shared the section that they had been assigned, it didn't turn out as planned, but it went well! We had the zone leaders there, and then we went on an exchange, we picked up Elder Rasmussen and he stayed with us until Thursday morning, so it was a 2 day exchange! We got back and had our Correlation meeting and then we tried to see John Reyes, but we were unable to see him. We went and we visited with Bro Skahan, and we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and he took it very well, he of course knew it all, but we had seen tea and coffee around, so he said he had no problems, but then I saw some in the kitchen, and I said, don't you think we should get rid of this, hahaha, so I threw away his tea, coffee, and the coffee maker!!! Bro Skahan is super nice, he is so lonely and unable to do a lot, so we try and call and talk to him at least every day, just so he has somebody to talk to! We then helped with the church cleaning, but we were the only ones that showed up, so we cleaned the church, and then we went with Bro Andersen and we taught Bro Al Jackson, he did not come to church, because he got taken to Louisiana, I love Al so much! So we set a new baptismal date with him for July 12th, and we talked to him about Baptism, Sacrament, and the whole Doctrine of Christ, we bore powerful testimony of the Priesthood in all of this, it was an awesome lesson!

Wednesday - We had to go back in the morning to Bro Skahan's. We then went and we taught the Habbard's, we made a calendar for Bro Habbard and mapped it all out, on how he was going to be able to quit smoking, he is trying to hard, so we set a date with him, and a goal for each month and week to continue to lower it every time! He took it really well, he really wants to quit, so hopefully we can help him out! Then we out and we taught JR Strange, and again it was a wonderful lesson. :) We talked with him and read with him about 2 Nephi 31 and we taught him the Doctrine of Christ, he is a little mixed up at times, but he knows that the Book of Mormon is true, and he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he was super touched to find out that Joseph was murdered, he was almost in tears. So we committed him to a baptismal date of Aug 2nd, and he agreed, he has got some things to overcome, he is afraid of church, and he has got to quit drinking, he knows he needs to quit, so we are going to stick on him, and see if we can get him! We got back into town, these people invited us to come to their Evangelical Church, so we popped in for like 30 minutes... hahahahahaha it as ridiculous family, it was all about the new age, he said things like this, "I was speaking to a youth in the church the other day and I told him that if you want to have a new car at age 16, then have faith in Christ." It as all about money, so we just left..! We then visited the Routley's, we had an awesome visit with him, we just talked about why he is away from church and how we can help quit smoking.

Thursday - We had our exchange report thingy to feel out! And then we stopped by and we visited with the Linke's, just shared a quick message with them and then headed to Crestview for our interviews with Pres. Smith, thats where the news was dropped on me, and we ate with the Crestview elders there. Then we got back up and we taught Christian Cannon and Darrius again, we watched the Restoration video with them, and they are tough to teach let me tell you... but we thought that would keep their attention fairly well, so little by little we are trying to help those 2. 

Friday - We did our weekly planning in the morning. After that we got out on the bikes and we just drove and were talking to everyone and holy cow, everyone was so rude to us, so no success. Then we met this super sweet lady Deanna Curry, so nice, she is a hospice nurse, then we ran into her on Saturday and the sister's did as well, so she is going to do family history with the sister's! She is so sweet! But it starts pouring rain, so we are like nuhha, so we pull over and ditch our bikes under a tree and book it to the nearest porch, the house ended up being abandoned, but listen up right here!!! So it is just a down pour and the thunder and lightning are super close, like I was getting scared again... like it was nuts, so as we just sit there, I am saying, dude we are going to get struck by lightning, and not 30 seconds later, this bold comes screaming out of the sky and strikes right next to us on a tree, and both of us got electrocuted... I kid you not!!!!!! I GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A SURVIVOR. It was wild family, I got struck by lightning, I never thought I would say it.... Crazy!!! Then we did some running around to some less actives and did some finding, but to no avail.

Saturday - We helped the Elder's Quorum in the morning and we built Bro Skayhan a ramp from his front door and we built him a platform into his garage, so he can get into his laundry room, so he is wheelchair accessible now! So we hit up the Lakefest around the lake yard here, a big city festival and so we just went around and we talked to a ton of people, we ran into Mark again, and so we set up to meet with him on Sunday. After that we taught JR with Bishop and it wasn't the best lesson, we just had to review parts of the Restoration. But then we ate with the Everett's.

Sunday - We had not heard from Al at all, last we hear is that Friday he was in Tallahassee at his sister's house, he is the man! He told me he had been reading every single night, and his family wanted him to stay awhile with him, but he kept telling them you guys have got to take me home, I have got to go to church on Sunday... so we didn't hear from him, so I was praying so hard that he would come, after PEC and we went and got Bro. Skayhan and wheeled him over, he lives right next to the church. I am passing the sacrament, so at the front, I look back and there is my man, Al Jackson in the seats, I was so excited! So I went and sat with him, the ward is so welcoming, afterwards Sis Howard asked if he was an investigator and he so puzzled he said, "Investigator...???" "Nah, I'm trying to become a member!" Hahahahahaha it was so awesome, he had to take off after sacrament, because his uncle was preaching, but we got him there! After church we had a pot luck social thing for the Howard's. Then we went to Fort Walton to a Family History Fireside put on by Pres and Sis Smith, it was really good! 

And thats a rap ya'll, it can rain and lightning can hit me, but nah Elder Hintze will continue to spread the Gospel! Love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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