"He says he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Family!!!!

How is everyone doing today? I am doing fantastic as always... I am emailing early today, because we are zooming to get down to the beach, the missionaries are congregating at the beach for some volleyball and ultimate frisbee! We are headed down with Nathan Cobb. Anyway, this week was an alright week for us.. But I will tell you all about the week, how about that!!

Monday - By the way DeFuniak really knows how to use their prisoners around here, every single yard care duty that the city does, they have them prisoners out there working like fools, they are everywhere!! Anyway we had dinner at the Habel's monday night with the Crosby family and we watched a movie about the life of President Monson while we were there with them, it was really really good!

Tuesday - And Monday night we drove down to Crestview to stay at the Elders apartment for the night and we woke up and we headed with them down to Niceville for our Zone Training, zone training was really really good, I always love them, they are always like a pump up for me, lately we haven't been learning to many new things as a mission, but we have just been told to use all of the stuff we have, it is up to us! The Spirit was super strong, really good. I had to do a few things in it talk about our District and then they had me and some others up doing some race thing and doing pushups. But after that on our way in, we were able to stop by and to see JR Strange. Then we went and we visited with the Habbards in the evening, and we had an awesome lesson with them, Sis Habbard is so sweet, we are still going to try and work with Bro Habbard a lot, he has been coming to church every week for a longwhile now! After that we visited with Al Jackson, we just taught him Read, Pray, Come to Church, and we discussed Alma 32 with him, about Faith and developing our seed. He really really liked that. His daughter is gone for about a month in Orlando, so he has lots of free time. I really want Al to be able to make it to Baptism, as I sat in there with him... I just really really love him. Like he is one that I care about a lot a lot!

Wednesday - We went and we mowed Rosslyn's yard in the morning. So we did that, and did our studies, and then we visited with Mark Lassen. Simone isn't doing well, she fell this week really bad. But we just talked with him and we read D&C 122 with him, about trials and just praying with him, and just letting him talk, he cheered right up and just calmed down and felt at peace! So they took off to Tennessee this week to see her grandbaby for the last time! After that we tried to teach Christian Cannon, but he wasn't home, so we jetted out to Mossy Head, where we were going to meet with Ronnie, Dustin, April, Ashley! But after we went and we taught JR again, and it went much much much better. He has read a lot of the Book of Mormon, and has been studying all of the pamphlets and has been praying. We taught him about Baptisms for the dead in relation to the plan on salvation and the spirit world, and he loved it. We also talked about a lot of stuff, the priesthood and how that works. He is all in with it, he even said in regards to baptism, that is a small thing for me to do, if that is what he requires of it. He says he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. 

Thursday - 1 YEAR A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went back and we finished up Rosslyn's lawn. And Thomas Skahan, we visited with a little bit is back, so we went and we visited with him, he had his right leg amputed, because of diabetes. I celebrated the year mark with a nice big burger from Ed's restaurant! After that weekly planning. And then we saw our Brother John Reyes... it went probably the best that it has, we just said to him, look no more arguing, we just want to teach, and so we started teaching him the Plan of Salvation, and he really really enjoyed it and he agreed with everything, which was good! :) We did some work around the Lake, had no success, then we went out home teaching with the gang, I went out with Brother Stripling, man wish you guys could meet him he is the bomb. But we made two visits to Sister O'Neill, we helped her out with her lawn mower and she had some questions for us about some things her friend had said about the church, so we answered those and she is going to invite her friend to learn, then we visited with Sister Caryl, he husband passed away about a 9 months ago, and she is working 90 hours a week.. can you believe that to survive, so her yard wa a mess, and she was just in tears, so we said, alright say no more it will get done. 

Friday - Us and Bro Stripling loaded up the gear and we hopped to Sis Caryl's yard, we borrowed 2 weed eaters and he brought a push mower, the grass was like knee deep, so we went to town, she had lots of garbage and so we made a burn pile, we mowed and weed wacked a ton of grasss... tons, and then we organized all of the stuff on her porch, pressure washed the porch off after we got that engine started for her, cleaned everything up and organized it all, got it out of the weather, and it was looking super nice! Took a good while of the day, but she greatly greatly needed it! We got all cleaned up and we did some finding.
In the evening we taught Al again with Bro Anderson and we taught him the word of wisdom and he committed to live the word of wisdom, no problem. His only issue is going to be that he drinks coffee. But he agreed to give it up with no problems.

Saturday - We committed to do 5 hours of finding a week. So we did a bunch of finding in the morning out and about knocking some doors but we did not have much success at all. Bro Skahan called and told us that he did not want to join the church anymore. So we visited with him, and I told him that nobody needed to do anything but himself. I said the only one that needs to do anything is you, you have withdrawn yourself from the temple you have withdrawn yourself from the gift of the Holy Ghost so on and so forth, then we taught him this new thing we learned about the short comings of the original apostles, but it didn't make the church not true, so that straightened him out, so he is coming back! Then we had sports night.

Sunday - we didn't get anybody at church, talked to Al on Saturday and on Sunday morning said he was headed out there. I waited for him in the foyer.. But he never showed up! So didn't hear from him. We didn't have much to do again, we taught a lesson to a couple around the lake yard, and it went really really we'll, so hopefully something happens with them!

Love ya'll a whole lot! Love,
Elder Hintze

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