"why doesn't any one else talk about Joseph Smith?"

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Family!
How is everyone doing today! Coming to you live from dreary, rainy DeFuniak Springs! We have had lots of it this week, either that or it is just HOT! Things were really good this week, we really are seriously only working with Mark Lassen and Al Jackson... everyone else has just kind of fallen off! So things are really progressing with these two! Lets get to this week!

Monday - We ate dinner at the Crosby's.. But we went out there and just taught the Fam a lesson, her father was there, who is not a member, so I just locked it in and I started getting after him, so we ended up teaching him the Restoration lesson, "why doesn't any one else talk about Joseph Smith?"  

Tuesday - We had district meeting and it was a good one, it went really well! We just talked about how to help our investigators to progress and overcome the things that they are dealing with... all of them can be solved with the Spirit. So we as a district are starting something called a 40 day fast, where you fast for 40 days not from food, but from things that hinder the Spirit, should be pretty good! Then we had our District Activity, we played kickball with the Crestview District, it was pretty fun.. We went afterwards and we taught Mark Lassen with Brother Andersen, those two have really bonded and it has been awesome, Mark calls him often and ask questions, and Bro. Andersen has really been the enforcer as far as what he needs to do to come back. He has been in the Bishopric, so he knows all that stuff. But we had it set up to teach Simone and him the Plan of Salvation, and it was going really well and the Spirit was present and then Simone's nurse came who is a good friend and she was out for like 30 minutes so we waited and then she came back, and she was completely turned off... So she wouldn't allow us to give her a priesthood blessing.. but we gave Mark one and it was a powerful experience, we was happy as can be! He also went and he met with Bishop on Wednesday night, so things are rolling! After that we were there for a long time, we worked the Lake yard OYMing.. the lake is so big it is overtaking everything..a park is under water! 

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Kell's Bells! We got up and we mowed Mark's lawn early in the morning and we got back and we got cleaned up and we taught Al Jackson with Sandy Jack Brown, we were planning on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but only got to Faith... Al was pumped about Faith and so he went off and he LOVES TO TALK. So we gotta wrangle him in, I made the mistake of razzing him about the Miami Heat and then he really went off. But it was a good lesson it was an answer to his prayers he has just been praying about faith! He called an old preacher of his, to ask if he could get baptized in another church, super cool answer he got... "Al I just want you to do whatever your heart tells you, do whatever the Lord tells you to do." We went out and we helped Elliott.. We got cleaned up and then we ate dinner at the Griffith's home, who just recently got baptized, they are so awesome, I love them. He got the priesthood this Saturday, it was pretty special!

Thursday - Happy Birthday Baby Claire! We did our weekly planning in the morning and then this was a super bad day. Nothing happned. We tried to get out to teach John Reyes. And then we went over to the church and to see if the font got fixed and the man was fixing it right then, so we have a working baptismal font! We went down to Freeport to eat dinner with the Williams! 

Friday - We headed out with Bro Mitchem in the morning up to Paxton area and we tried to see, but we actually got to see a lot of the people up there, he is run and gun, so it is usually just a pop by and see how things are going, we invite you to come back out to church, then were out! So we got to see a lot of people! We headed out to Mossy Head and we taught JR Strange the Plan of Salvation.. He loves everything that we give him, he believes the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith are true, the Plan of Salvation threw him for a whirl, but he loved it. I don't know what will come with him, but he really is the dream investigator, but I just wish he wasn't an alcoholic. We ate dinner at the Reeve's home! And then we were able to see a man named James Larkins, a less active guy, he is super cool, we are going to start working with them, he has a lot of non member family. He joined the church in the 80s!

Saturday - We had to get to the church building, after we worked around the lake some! Oh... there are a group of Messianic Jews that meet around the lake that we have met and talked to quite a bit.. and we went and we talked to them, our yard man is with them, and we know him really well. We were just talking and the head hancho guy just starts like attacking us, and telling us all kinds of stuff about Joseph Smith, and that he is a liar, the Book of Mormon is false. He was being so rude, all false information, I was biting my tongue so much, so much!!!!! I just told him, "I didn't come over here to knock your beliefs I respect them and I ask the same from you, I have no desire to argue with you there is no Spirit in that, I would strongly encourage you to find some correct information," and then I bore my testimony. We had to fill the font up, so we got everything set up and got the font filled and then we had the 3 baptisms of the 3 kids that the Habels have been working with, it was very neat to see! We got to see lots of less active families coming out! We went and we taught AL Jackson after that with Bro Andersen... Bro Andersen is the best, don't know if I have said much about him! He is hilarious, we get a long really well. He also whips me into shape a lot, like one time last week I drove off his driveway a bit and smooshed down some soft ground, and boy did I hear one, he was yelling at me. But anyway we taught Al and we talked about Repentance and Baptism, again he is a talker! He had a lot of good questions about Repentance and we were able to talk to him a lot more about what baptism means. He asked his current preacher if he could be baptized in another church, and the preacher and the deacons in the church told him absolutely not... so he went off, who are you to tell me that, your not God. Hilarious! So it went really well and we talked to him about why we do it and what we gain from it!

Sunday - Fast and Testimony meeting, always my favorite Sunday! I had my fast tie one! We had Al Jackson and Mark Lassen there! Mark got up and he bore his testimony, it was really neat, very simple, but he is so humble! Al knew tons of people there he is the umpire for little league, and that is A HUGE deal here! So everybody in church knew him, they call him "Big Al". He really liked it both of them had to take off after Sacrement meeting! But they confirmed the 3 kids! We got to participate in the circle, so so so so neat! Elder Habel promised one of the children that he would see his family in the temple, and he started to cry as he said it, very special! I also have had the oppurtunity to bless and pass the sacrament in this ward, almost every Sunday, I have enoyed that a lot!!!!!!! We went afterwards and we contacted a referral for a member, and "he told us that we worshiped a different Jesus, then said bye." So I don't think he is ready yet. Then we tried to see Bobbie McMillan. We ate dinner at the Jones' and we were there for a while too, Bro Jones confided in us a lot and told us some of the stuff in his life, and gave us a tour of the place. Then we saw the Cannon's and then we talked to Jeff Fiquette! So that was a wrap.. we have been trying to teach Maddie Cobb, like I mentioned and the Sister's are going to have to take her back. This week was a good one! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling with some other folks this week! Love you all so much!!!!!!

Elder Hintze

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