"Heavenly Father please make this night's sleep seem like it lasts forever!"

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Family!!

Hope everyone is well and happy! I am doing outstanding this morning, coming to live from DeFuniak Springs Library, sorry for the early emailing... But, lets talk about a few things... can we be for real about the weather in Florida right now... I don't know if ya'll have seen how hot it is here, but they are saying it hasn't been this hot in a long time!!!!!!!!! I am literally burning, literally cooking in my own epidermis, send me some dry air!!!!!!!!! This humidity, is lighting me up baby, sweating all the day long! It is killer. This week, was awesome for us.. we had a stellar week, probably the best one since I've been here, with that being said.. I honestly have never been so tired in my whole entire life, I woke up at 1 am last night on the couch in my shirt and tie, and I don't remember getting there! So we have been working so hard, I have never worked so hard in my whole entire life, before I go to bed I always pray, "Heavenly Father please make this night's sleep seem like it lasts forever!"

Monday - We went to Fort Walton last week and we played basketball, there is this kid named Elder Smellie and he is too small or else Utah State was going to sign him on the team.. he is ridiculously good, we played with him, he plays like Cam. So it was some pretty good ball! We ate at the Crosby's in the evening, and The Moreno's were there (Anderson's daughter and grandson, who came from Arizona), and Sister Farris. Zac was also there, so we shared a lesson around the Family Proclamation to the World, and around the Plan of Salvation it went really well. Apparently Zac is a lot more interested than we first though!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning, and it went pretty well, discussed the principles of How to Begin Teaching. Then we had to jet back and we ate lunch with Bro Stripling at Pizza Hut.. another buffet.. Then we had our correlation meeting. And we went after that to mow Mark Lassen's lawn, so we got started on that, and then we didn't get to finish, so we had a lesson with him, he is doing well, Simone is not doing very well, but he is really been getting into the scriptures! We read Alma 60-61 with him, interesting chapters there, the cleansing of the inner vessel! So we had dinner with the Habel's and we picked up Al Jackson and we had him over there as well with Bro Jones. Al is a hoot! After dinner we had a lesson with him and we taught him the Plan of Salvation, it went really well, it was nice to be in the Habel's home to teach, no distractions, just peace, the Spirit really was felt and Big Al felt it as well!

Wednesday - We got up and we went and we finished Mark Lassen's lawn, and we had another little visit with him! Then we visited with the Habbard's we didn't get the chance to continue the extension of the calendar with Bro Habbard, but we will got on that! Then we went out in hopes to see Christian Cannon, but he wasn't there, Bro Cannon had gotten some rare infection and he almost passed away, so Sister Cannon was home and she had not slept in 4 days, so we talked with her, comforted her and prayed with her. She was tired, so we got out of there, to let her sleep! We ran out to see JR Strange next, and when we got there he was determined the the Book of Mormon was wrong... okay now JR, just settle down. His problem was in 2 Nephi 3 talking about Joseph, it didn't correspond with the Bible, so we read that with him and covered it all, and by the end he was apologizing to us for doubting it, so he is still into it, he is a studier! 

Thursday - We had our weekly planning in the morning. Then we taught Bro Skayhan, we taught him about the Family History and the doctrine behind it, we are going to start getting him over to the Fam History center. Then we visited with Bro Copeland again.. they have always been there.. he just has super bad health, so we haven't been able to teach them anymore! We then ran down to Freeport, and we started to do some finding around there, we were biking and we visited with this man named James Sevy, a less active guy, his wife and kids are all non members, his family is super awesome, all in the church, and live in Utah/Idaho. His brother served a mission, but he was so cool, he knows everything about the church. So we are going to go back and visit with him and his wife, and kids hopefully! Then we met for Home teaching, Elder Larsen and Bro Diviney went and taught Rick Birch, been a long time since we have been able to see him, but we got him back on it now. And I went with Bro Mitchem and we visited with Barbra Hunt, her trailer is falling apart, so Wednesday we are going back with the ward and we are going to replace all of her flooring! She was so touched by that, we got her to church, she hasn't been in a long time!

Friday - We left bright and early for Darlington, way up in our area, with the Habel's and we helped the Thomas family paint their house, (different Thomas's than neighbors!) Good times, good times! So then we went with Bro Stripling and we saw Al Jackson, we taught him the commandments of Pray Often, Follow the Prophet, and Law of Chastity. All went really well, he hasn't had a sip of coffee, since we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he has been reading, and we left him a conference ensign, and we showed him the organization of the church... But we left and I had to run back in to give him something, and he was already reading the magazine! He is so awesome! Then we went back down to Freeport, we had a little lesson with Bob Niedermeyer, they just have been so busy, we just checked up on everything, his reading, etc. We then ate dinner with the Williams family, super awesome! We were supposed to meet with Rick again, but couldn't and David Royce, don't remember if you remember him. We haven't been able to see him at all.

Saturday - We got together for a big old service project with the EQ's, but not that many showed up. So bright and early us and Bro. Stripling, pulled a tree out of Bro Skayhan's yard and did some work around his house.. pulled it out with our old Chevy Colorado! Then we joined the rest of the group, and we did Carmen Caryl's yard, her huge yard, did all of it! I logged probably 5 hours straight on a weed eater... and my shoulders and fingers and forearms, are feeling the burn baby! I was treating that thing like a mower, I could cut our grass with a weed eater, and you wouldn't even know! ;) Then we did Sister O'Neill's yard, and we trimmed a bunch of limbs down from her yard! It was so hot... I was exhausted! After that we got fed lunch! Then we went out and we visited with James Larkins, the guy way out in Mossy head, and we visited with him, he is super awesome, we are going to get him back to church, we are going to go next weekend hopefully and teach his wife! Then we went and we saw a referral for Family History, so we visited with the Ammon's family and began to start their family tree out on paper, and we set up a time to meet them in the fam history center on Tuesday. They are so nice. They go to Mossy Head First Baptist.. so they were a little apprehensive, but they agreed, kind of, to let us come tell them why we do family history work!

Sunday - We had Al Jackson, Bob Niedermeyer, Mark Lassen, and Bro Skayhan all at church!!!!!!! It was awesome, Al and Mark had to take off after sacrament meeting, but we got them there!! After that we came home and we had a little bit of study, and then this was our only day where we weren't running around like  a man man, so we tried to contact some referrals, but some plans fell through and we ended up doing some finding, we ran into dudes named Caesar and Candido, Caesar's sister and nephew are members of the Church in Mexico, so we are going back next weekend hopefully with Tarek Thomas, he served his mission in Mexico. And we have tons of Spanish materials. Then we went out and we saw JR Strange again, it was awesome, we had an awesome discussion with him, we ready 2 Nephi 27, he is struggling a little bit with the Book of Mormon, and with the original plates. Then we ate at the Farris's home and we had a lesson with their son and Sister Roldan... But then we talked with the Farris's a little bit afterwards, Sister Farris, is literally no kidding here, the funniest person that I know... I die the whole time! 

We were busy this week... it was good! I love you all so much! I really do.. I think I am starting to figure things out a little bit lately, I think I am really getting it, soon I may be on the train! :) Love ya'll.

Elder Hintze

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