"This week was amazing!! Full of soooo many blessings!! We have once again been so blessed in our work, and we have been busy!"

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello Family!!

Can't tell you how good it was to talk to you all this week, miss you and love you all! This week was amazing!! Full of soooo many blessings!! We have once again been so blessed in our work, and we have been busy! By the way, it has been soo hott here! It's crazy, I just have to consciously decide to not care.. because my white shirt and everything is drenched, putting in work baby! So lets get this:

Saturday - Always such a pleasure to be able to email you all on P-Days.. not too many more coming from me, kind of excited give my hands a rest, I'll just talk to you about it! After emailing we rolled with the APs to the bowling alley and Therese came with us, it was pretty dang fun, despite the fact that I am literally the worst bowler in the world. But I get over it! We then rolled up north to get some ties and I purchased 2 ties killer deal. Then we had the idea to run and grab Sister Smith some flowers and chocolates for Mothers Day, so we did! And took them to her sung a little verse of "I see my Mother kneeling.." Don't know the rest, it was really fun. And turns out Sister Smith was having a really bad day, just not feeling very adequate, so she started to cry and gave us all a hug, she just expressed to us how grateful she was and how this was a huge answer to her prayers! So then we said a prayer with them and then we dipped out to head home!

Sunday - Had some contacting before church on a dead campus! And then we had church, we had Hiram Menendez there for church! Good Sunday! After church we met with Therese and we worked on some family history work. And there is tons of Temple work to be done! And then I Skyped you all... just so you guys know, whatever anybody says, you guys are keepers, I'mma hang on to you, okay!? Then the Knudsen's fed us some food while we were there!

Elder Carlile, Elder Hintze & Elder Otu
Elder Hintze - Probably not the best mission car for him!
So…. who does Elder Otu think he is sitting next to?
Monday - Dan, the Man, was over grilling for us and he invited a bunch of missionaries over!  Had a nice lunch of BBQ chicken, all of those pictures of the car and the group were from that! Helped him do some clean up afterward.

Then we had a lesson with Dusty, we role played passing and blessing the sacrament with him and he should be doing that for the first time this Sunday! Then we had a long contacting block... and we saw sooooo many blessings in our contacting! We met some seriously awesome people, soo blessed! In this contacting block, we filled the rest of our week up with appointments! Then we did some more Family History with Therese in the evening! Then dinner!

Tuesday - Had District Meeting in the morning, it was a good one! And then we had our district activity, we played some ultimate frisbee in the field behind the church! After that we hit the campus and again, sooo blessed in our contacting efforts. But funny story, I had to call the ZLs to come and pick me up so I could run home and grab some sunscreen, it was miserable, my skin got fried up to a crisp out there, but I loved it! We then had a lesson with Hiram M, with Quinn, we taught him the beginning like barely beginning of the Plan of Salvation, set the stage for the rest.. he was super interested in it! Then we had a lesson with Stephanie, with Therese, we watched the Prophet of the Restoration with her and she loved it! Therese has been in contact with her this week via text and she  will be at church on Sunday.. and she is just trying to get closer to God. We are very excited to see what comes! Then we hit the contacting again, came back for dinner at the institute, and caught the end of the Elder Bednar, Youth Q&A, and that was saweet!

Wendesday  - We had a member lesson in the morning with Quinn! Then we had a lesson with Therese, we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ! OHHHHH THEN HERE IT IS! So the ZLs sent us a referral, it was a media referral for a guy named Alexander... so we taught him with Therese. Alexander is sooo awesome!!! He requested to see missionaries, he has read tons and tons about us online! And he wants to be a member of the church, told us so many cool instances, he is pumped to read the Book of Mormon. So we taught him the Restoration! He loves the sealing power of the priesthood, and eternal families! Keep him in your prayers! Then we did Family History with Jackie. Then had a lesson with Jason with Robert Strobel, first appointment, we taught him the Restoration, he met with missionaries last semester! Oh then we taught this guy named Ahmad Balzubi, with Emily Lee, this man is awesome! He is hilarious! He is from the country Jordan. So we got to know him, he is from California previously, where he knew a lot of members and missionaries, so we talked to him about he Book of Mormon and the godhead!

Thursday - Contacting for the most part of the morning and the afternoon! Then we had a member lesson with Claudia Rivero. Then we taught a lesson with Claudia, we taught her friend named Courtney, we contacted on campus.. we were super pumped about it, taught her the Restoration, she asked good questions and it was powerful! Then we had a member lesson with Kelli Longfellow in the evening, and then dinner and some phone calls!

Friday - ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! Don't really know how to tell you guys how awesome it was... it was sooo good! I was the biggest baby the whole entire time, I was crying a ton... it was just so humbling, I have lots of things I yet need to work on, and zone conference helped me to realize that! We were also taught tons of super awesome stuff... get this, every time they have the missionaries bare their testimonies who it is their last conference... well that was me! I cried all through that as well! It was sooo good, the whole meeting was just a blessing!
Tallahassee 1 Zone Conference

I am so grateful for Pres and Sis Smith, I know that I needed them! After we split off and Carlile and Otu taught a lesson to Jamael, and they said it was killer! And I went with the APs, and gave their investigator Maleeq his baptismal interview, good guy! So we regrouped for dinner and then a lesson with Therese, it was an awesome lesson, kind of random, but we just talked about Testimonies!

Saturday - This morning we went to Maleeq's baptism, it was a good one! And then we had a lesson with Hiram Menendez, with Therese. We finished all of the Plan of Salvation, and it was killer, Spirit was strong! And then we got our shopping done, Sister Crandall is back visiting the mission, so we saw her and her family they threw a little shin dig here, so we ate some grub with them! Now we are emailing, don't know what the rest of the day will hold!

Have I told you guys how much, I love you all!!! I really do! Thank you for all that you do for me, you are all a blessing in my life! Love you sooooo much!

Elder Hintze

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