"Soooo craziest thing! Taylor came over in the morning and we climbed on top of the shack out back and we opened up his mission call, the best thing ever!! California Rancho Cucamango mission, so pumped for him!"

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hello Family!!!

Hope everyone is well this week! Here is the week!

Saturday - The baptism was for real so killer! It was amazing, so that was just the highlight for us all day, we were so pumped! So after lunch with all her friends, we came back and started our P-Day, did some emailing, some shopping, and then we had a little fire at the church in the fire pit again. We also played some ultimate frisbee, Taylor had a glow in the dark one, so that was cool!

Sunday - In the morning we had our Coordination Meeting. Then Thomas came and we did some family history work before church, it was soo good! We have had so much success with him, and so the Jacksonville FH Center is right by his home, so he is going to continue down there, we really have impacted so many families in his tree, in just a short time! Then we went to church, and we had Thomas, Alex, and Amy (Therese's roommate) there at church, and then of course Therese. So Therese was confirmed, and I was able to do that, it was an honor. I was literally soooo nervous, don't even know why.. so hard to follow the Spirit when your nervous, so not what its about, but I think I just did alright on it! Shes still got confirmed and now she has the Holy Ghost, so what else matters, eh? :) Therese is so pumped to be a member though, so fun to watch. Church service was a good one, the spirit in sacrament meeting was really strong, so it was good for Amy and Thomas to feel it. We had to miss part of Gospel Principles and Priesthood, because we had to fill up the baptismal font for Eric's baptism. So immediately following church, Eric the sister's investigator was baptized, once again a really really good service! So we came home after that and we did our weekly planning session to finish off our night. Also it was transfers night, and we are not getting transferred any of us, so not that surprised at all!! :) There were only 2 transfers in our zone, besides a bunch going home... So not too much excitement. 
Elder Otu
Elder Hintze
Elder Hintze & Elder Otu
Monday - Soooo craziest thing! Taylor came over in the morning and we climbed on top of the shack out back and we opened up his mission call, the best thing ever!! California Rancho Cucamango mission, so pumped for him! After that we had a lesson with Dusty. And then we had some good old contacting.. Then we had a family history appointment with Ruthie, it was super good, our last one, because she is taking off for the summer, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her the quick message of the restoration! Then some dinner, then we had a lesson with Therese, and we have been doing some Family History work with her and it has been sooo cool! Had so much success, plus a lot of her family's temple work has already been performed, so she has members in her family somewhere. So while that is going on.. we get a call from the Institute couple the Dalley's, and they say that a girl is in the institute and she wants to meet with missionaries, so I stay with Taylor and Therese, they head over there to teach her. So we finish up and head over to FHE, it was a pizza party. 

Tuesday - We had District Meeting in the morning, I tried to do something new for it, had everyone write a letter to themselves as if they were a new missionary.. just to see what they would say and then we read them, it worked out alright. We ate some lunch and got on to campus where we taught a girl named Autumn the Restoration, and she was leaving the next day! Then we got back and we had a lesson with Therese we watched the John Tanner Story with her and retaught the commandments tithing and fast offerings. Then we made some phone calls. And then the Dalley's fed all of us dinner in the 5th ward. And then we attended Institute, it was a question and answer with Bro. Livingston, Therese was there...!

Wednesday - We taught Dusty in the morning, he is doing well, he has a ton of family names prepared and he is going to be heading to the temple soon. Then we had a lesson with Therese, we answered a lot of her questions about the Q&A and then we read out of the Plan of Salvation with her in PMG. AND THEN! Best lesson of the week, we taught Amy Seach, Therese's roommate! We taught her and we read from Alma 34, such a good chapter... and we referenced aspects of the Plan of Salvation, and she loves the plan of salvation. At the end Elder Otu and I just bore our testimonies to her about how we gained our testimonies.. and the Spirit was so strong! We then got out and we did some contacting on campus.. and then we taught Alex Fike, we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was an awesome lesson, just felt really right! And we invited him to take the steps that he needs to and get baptized in Atlanta.. we are hopefully going to be sending the missionaries his way. Then dinner and then contacting!

Thursday - We taught a member lesson to Victoria Munsell. Then we did some area book cleaning out we called a lot of formers and what not, we are trying to do anything we can to find. We killed it these last couple of weeks, but it is going to be hard to stay busy this next little while, we have got to find! So then we were on campus again contacting. Then we had a lesson with Therese... so her mom agreed to fly her to Utah this summer, so basically I have already been telling her all of the things we are going to do when she comes out to visit, so just get pumped for that! We talked about temple recommend and she is on her way to get that, and then she can go to the temple out there. Then we had breakfast with the Bishopric, and then I gave the sister's investigator Lloyd a baptismal interview.

Friday - We helped a member move in the morning named Allie Knowles, she is from the Keys, so we moved her apartment into a storage unit. We talked about the little branch named Marathon dad... she says it is sooo small! Then we did some contacting... then we did some family history with Jackie, and then a kid named Jake who I sent a picture of he is visiting from England, so we dids FH with him. Then we helped a non member we met on campus move named Emilee, so helped her move her dorm out and we are totally going to teach her. :) 

Saturday - So this morning we did some contacting, campus is dead and will be all this next week! We had a member lesson with Lauren Herzog in the morning and then we did some family history with that Jake kid again, and while they did that I went with Taylor and helped him to be able to move out of his dorm! And then we shopped and went to Lloyd's baptism it was awesome.. the other elders filled up the font, but they didn't secure the plug, so it filled up and the plug came undone.. so I had to go in and stick it back down, so I went swimming, and then here I am now!

Not to be getting all trunky or anything, because I am not, but I only get to do this 5 more times... sooo crazy! Love you alll so much!!!!!

Elder Hintze 

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