"We were walking onto campus on Friday.. and I just thought to myself, man I am going to really miss this, walking on to campus every single day, just ready to get it!!!!! Nothing quite like it, I love being a missionary!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello Family!!

WOWWWWW!! I don't even have words to describe this week, it has been nothing short of amazing!! And I promise that I don't have the words, just because I am a lazy emailer. ;) I will look back on this week as some of my fondest days as a missionary, and this transfer! We taught 20 lessons this week, so far... which doesn't seem like a lot.. but probably the most I have taught as a missionary, and the most member presents! It has just been good, the Spirit has been so strong in all of our lessons, so it has been fantastic week! I hope that all of you are doing well this week and today, love you all so much!! Lets get to it:

Saturday - After our emailing we went with the Assistants and we got our grocery shopping done and then some dinner we ate at Stevi B's pizza buffet, we put down some serious pizza. :) Missionaries go in there a lot I guess, so when we do they just start bringing stuff to our table. Then I went on splits with Elder Jorgenson, we played dodgeball this morning for exercise and Elder Riddle who lives in the shack rolled his ankle really bad, he thought that he might have broken it, so he has been out of commission. So they had to take Milne to go to their area, and Jorgenson needed someone to go teach with him, so I went with him and we taught a part member family in 1st Ward named the Millers, he is the member and his wife and 2 daughters are not members. We taught them the Restoration, and it actually went pretty sweet, it was really good. I visited them a handful of times when I was there. He went and got his scriptures, so it was cool! So Elder Jorgenson and I already decided, that they're going to baptize that family! :) Cool to teach with Elder Jorgenson, because I only knew him as a brand new missionary before. After that we had another appointment that fell through, so we did a tad bit of finding in Cristina's old neighborhood, and we tried some old potentials/investigator people that I knew in there! And then we came back! So didn't get much of a P-Day today, just email, shop, and dinner.. and then back to missionary work!! :)

Sunday - In the morning we had our coordination meeting, and studies and all of that good stuff! And then we had church, we had Therese there and her roommate Amy was there! So that was good, it was a great meeting. Amy had to peace out after sacrament meeting! But Therese stayed for the whole block. After church we got changed and we hit campus and did some contacting! 

Monday - So we went in to get an MRI for Elder Otu... get into the doctor and after sitting in the room for an hour, a lady comes in and says.. so it is pointless for you to be here right now, your MRI isn't even scheduled... so it was a nightmare and so basically it was just a big waste of time. I think he has a torn meniscus, but don't say you heard it from me, he is just too tough, and pushes through it every single day. So then we enjoyed some nice McDonald's breakfast, which led to us making some phone calls, we are trying to get caught up and call all of our people before they take off for the summer. Then we had a lesson with Dusty, we talked to him about the Priesthood and how to perform baptism, he will be baptizing an investigator tomorrow, the day he gets the priesthood, pretty cool! Then we had a lesson with Therese and Taylor was with us, we taught her about Priesthood, Eternal Marriage, and Missionary Work, great lesson! Then we had a dodgeball tournament... oh ya baby!!!! Therese played with us, and so did Dusty and Taylor.. but for real, it isn't fun anymore, because we just came out and we worked everybody, so we won, which that was cool! After that, we played just our district against everyone else in the zones.. and we worked them over too! So it was a good time, always love me some dodgeball!
Then we got changed and we did some Family History with Cameron Locke, and we had to do some splits, we had an investigator who got there early, so Carlile and Otu taught this kid named Jabari we had met, taught him the Restoration. And then I stayed and did some family history work with Cameron. Then we had FHE, which was good, Therese came to that, and we didn't really participate in the event, because she just had so many gems from the Book of Mormon that she wanted to share.

Tuesday - District Meeting, it was a good one, I think! Taught about the Atonement, and effective use of time, been wanting to talk about it for a while now! Then we came back had some phone calls and then got out and did some contacting! Had a Family History appointment with a girl named Ruthie, who got passed to us from the FSU A Sisters, their companionship is getting dissolved, so they are passing all their people off. Then had another block of phone calls, then had a lesson with Therese and Caroline came, we don't remember what we taught. :) Then we had Institute and Therese was there as well, like the grand finale of the year!

Wednesday - So we did this service at the homeless convention thing, so we just put up a lot of chairs and tables, just about all of the missionaries in Tallahassee participated, but we also sorted clothes and things like that. I think that we set up all of the tables at least like 8 times, because a new person would walk in each time and tell us to rearrange them. After that we taught a new girl named Rachel, it was an awesome lesson we taught her the Restoration it was powerful, she is super cool! But she will be taking off for the summer, so won't have much of an opportunity with her. Then some contacting. And then we taught Thomas with Kelsey S, we taught him the Doctrine of Family History... and it was super cool as well... it was a good spirit, and he felt it, but couldn't say that he all agreed. But he agrees, but just doesn't want to say that he agrees! :) Then we had a lesson with Alex F, and we did family history with him, has a ton more success. Then had a lesson with Therese and Taylor was there, we taught her about enduring to the end, some good old service, and some teaching and learning.

Thursday -  We had some contacting and some phone calls, which led up to a family history appointment that we had with this girl named Jackie, Lauren Cremoneze was there and we gave her a church tour afterwards. Then we had a lesson with Therese and Celine was there, we taught about the Book of Mormon and then watched some Mormon Messages.. and prepped her for her baptismal interview! So we broke she went into her interview, and then I gave a baptismal interview to Errick, the sisters investigator, it was a pleasure to give him an interview! And it was sports night, so everybody was playing! Oh and the other day when we were doing a family history appointment this girl and guy came in and they needed help on their world religions assignment they were doing on us, so we helped them, but in the process we taught them, it was cool. So for sports night Dusty brought 2 non member friends, one of them had the same exact assignment and so we were able to have a lesson with him as well.. so I never even had a sports night! :)

Friday - Such a good day! We taught Therese in the morning, there was a miscommunication with appointment time, so we had to go with Emily Lee to pick her up.. we watched the movie Only a Stonecutter, it was killer, then read Alma 36 with her! Then we had a double appointment we did FH with Dusty and then with Thomas as well!! Thomas came so prepared with information... so we were able to find tons of stuff and he was way pumped about it, we looked up and right next to his house in Jacksonville, Florida, there is a church with a family history center, boom baby! Then we had a lesson with Lauren Herzog, a member missionary lesson! Then we made some phone calls, while I made Therese's baptismal program on the computer. Then we taught Alex Fike and we watched the Prophet of the Restoration video with him , and it was so powerful! We all kneeled and prayed at the end, and he said it, and the spirit was sooo real! Then while in that spirit Claudia popped in and asked for a blessing, and that was awesome as well, Elder Otu gave a great blessing. Then Edgar provided us dinner at the institute, oh and he also fed us once more during the week, so that was really nice of him!

Saturday - We had a family history appointment with Thomas again, he is pumped I tell you! So while we did that, we also got ready for the baptism, and then Thomas came, and he felt the spirit so strong, we will be doing family history with him as well again tomorrow and he will be there at church! So the baptism was amazing, Taylor gave a talk and so did Elder Otu, and they both killed it! Therese bore her testimony and ABSOLUTELY killed it! She had 5 of her best friends there, and all 5 of them were crying so hard, probably the best baptism that I have ever been too, truly amazing! So then we went out to lunch with her and with all of her friends, so that was awesome. She has a super cool friend who goes to University of Florida, who came up, and she pulled us aside after the baptism and was crying and just thanked us so much! So we hooked her up with a Book of Mormon! :)

It really was an amazing week! :) And we have transfer this week, so we will find out tomorrow, I think that I am safe! But ya never know, there could be some moves with either Carlile or Otu, but I don't think so! So with that being said... I am going to be starting my last transfer as a missionary, so I am issuing you all a challenge, and myself as well, you are all challenged to read the Book of Mormon starting today, until June 11th!!!! So everybody read it before I get home and I will be doing the same exact thing! :) We were walking onto campus on Friday.. and I just thought to myself, man I am going to really miss this, walking on to campus every single day, just ready to get it!!!!! Nothing quite like it, I love being a missionary! Love you all so so so so so so much!!!! 

Elder Hintze

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