"Then we had dinner at the Knudsen's, yeeewwwwwwpppp! Love them so much, it was good to be back in their home!"

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello Family!!

I hope that you all are doing well, and had a great week! This week was a good one, we again taught a lot of lessons this week! I will try to get in all of the details that I need to! :) Alright here we go!

Sunday - We did some 12 week studies! And then church, it was Fast Sunday and it as awesome, always my favorite Sunday! Such a good spirit, we had Alex and Therese there, so that was super cool! After church we had the Break the Fast meal, so that was good as well. We then gave Sister Montague a blessing. And then we had to finish up our weekly planning session which took up the remainder of our Sunday.

Monday - We taught Dusty in the morning, some commandments! After that we taught Therese with Aymee, we taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom, and it went really well. It is so so cool to see the effects of the Gospel in her life, I think they are sometimes hard to notice in ourselves, but from the moment that we started teaching her, any opportunity she had where alcohol was present she turned it down, and now she has such a great desire to unite her family and help them have the Gospel. Just so cool, to see it in her life! Then we headed out and we contacted for a couple of hours! The weather here had been miserable, very rainy, but when it is not raining the humidity has been off the chart, so we have just been sweating like nobodies business! We then came back and we made a few phone calls for our potentials! And then while we were out contacting, Carlile contacted this guy named James. James is from California and he walked all the way here/ hitch hiked here, he is out spreading God's word, and so he is sharing Bible verses with people and doing God's will as he says.. so in his journey here he road with a Mormon man from Arizona to Tennessee, and so they talked a ton about the church. So it was cool we got to share with him the Restoration, literally the best dude in the whole world, so nice and so humble.. but couldn't really get him to grasp much in the terms of the magnitude of the message, we told him to settle down and become a Mormon and get baptized.. but he wasn't down with that! But he said one day he would love to be a Mormon, so it literally was the crazyiest thing, really cool experience! And then we had FHE, Therese was at that as well.

Tuesday - We had District Meeting and I aborted my plan that I had set up.. and it turned out pretty alright! Then we had a fantastic lunch, supplied by Brent, it was so awesome... everyone was very thankful of it, and thank you from me!!! Then we taught a lesson to Thomas, with Carson there. We watched the President Uchtdorf talk with him "Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth", and then read 3 Nephi 27 with him, Thomas is such a good dude, we love him, he is loving it all so far. But he is about to head home to Jacksonville here in the summer, so we are going to have to do some rebuilding here very soon, because all of the students will be heading home for summer, so campus will slim down. Then we taught Therese again and good news, we bumped her baptismal date up.. she is so ready, so she will be getting baptized this next Saturday the 25th of April!!! We taught her some more commandments: Sabbath Day, Ten Commandments, and Follow the Prophet, she was all on board! Then we made some phone calls and then came into Institute for the end of it and some nice dinner!

Wednesday - We taught a lesson to Cameron Locke in the morning, and then we taught Dusty, so the 2 fairly recent converts, who are both doing really well. Then we had a lesson with Alex Fike and Ashley was there as well, and we started to work on his family history work.. and it was super cool! We actually had quite a bit of success, so hopefully the Spirit of Elijah, and then we had him read the talk by Elder Cook "Roots and Branches"! Then we had dinner at the Knudsen's, yeeewwwwwwpppp! Love them so much, it was good to be back in their home!

Thursday - Dan the Man our landlord had us over for Breakfast in the morning, he fed all of us at the compound, that is always a hoot when we go over there! After that we came back and we were on campus doing some contacting again! And then that led up to us teaching Amy Seach, so Amy is Therese's roommate, who she has been sharing tons of stuff with, she has been watching conference talks with her, and telling her all of the awesome stuff, so we got a chance to teach her with Therese there and Taylor as well. We taught her the Restoration and we watched the Patterns of Light videos with her! And in the meantime, Carlile helped her, and Otu and I did FH with Therese and got her's started, we got the chance to talk a lot about or a bit about the temple, showed her the website and how she will begin to prepare the ordinances for her family! And then we just started looking at pictures of the temple, we would name a good one and then she would google it and so then we were just all stoked about the temple together!

Friday - I was on a tradeoff with Elder Jorgenson, he is basically one of my favorite people in the whole world! So I went with him to 1st Ward, my first time back!! It is amazing how I spent 8 months of my life there and I was trying to remember things about it and it all had vanished away, when I slept over there, it didn't even seem like I had lived there, so weird. So in the morning we taught Sister Dodd a member lady, she super awesome! And then we taught Michelle Carmin, Elder Peterson and I found her, and she has been coming to church strong since we found her and started teaching her! Then we ended up doing some finding and some tracting, it is so weird to be back into a family ward, it is a whole different ball game as far as OYMing people, and having to travel and all of that, so strange, I love campus. Then we taught a man named Eddy Jones, if you remember Elder Cooper and I taught him way back in September and set a Baptismal date with him and then he just fell off the map, so he is back on a little bit, he is interesting he has had a lot of strokes. Then we gave a church tour to T.R. LeBrun and his mom with the Holletts, they are still teaching my boy TR, he is doing awesome, he just needs to get baptized! But now they have mom involved in it pretty good, we invited her my last lesson there. Then a little dinner at Chipotle, to finish off the evening!

Saturday - This morning we had some canceled appointments, and then we did some weekly planning and then some contacting on campus.. campus was dead today! And then we had a lesson with Therese with Claudia and we watched the Prophet of the Restoration video with her, it was powerful and she loved it! And she is super pumped for the baptism!

Good week this week! I thought about you guys a lot this week, from what I have heard it sounds like Grandpa's funeral was fantastic! I love you guys and miss you all! 

Elder Hintze

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