"So we went from a plethora of investigators to not many, but its all good, rebuilding time! So this week has been a little bit slower, but we have stayed busy... but every week is a good one!!"

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Whats up Family!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today! Shall we talk tomorrow, Skype perhaps!? Sooooo pumped!! So this week has been good, a little bit quieter here on Campus, literally no one! So we went from a plethora of investigators to not many, but its all good, rebuilding time! So this week has been a little bit slower, but we have stayed busy... but every week is a good one!! So lets get to it:

Saturday - Didn't end up doing anything for P-Day we went home with the hour that we had and we just chilled, so that was actually pretty nice!

Sunday - We had our meetings in the morning, Taylor was awesome, he wrote us all notes for his last time there! Then we went to church didn't have any gators there, but Therese was there. And we got the chance to participate in two confirmations for Lloyd Hines and Errick Spradley, two of the sisters investigators, just an absolute pleasure to do so! Great testimony meeting, I took advantage of it and bore my testimony!

Monday - We helped out Emilee McGee move that girl we helped last week, very quick move just a few essential items! Because of that, they bought us one of those huge pizza's from Momo's. Good to help them out. After that we enjoyed some pizza, and then we had a lesson with Therese. Hit the campus for some contacting, and then back to have a lesson with Dusty!

Tuesday - District Meeting, first one with the new district, it seemed to be a fairly good one! Then we made some phone calls (sorry our days are going to be super boring!) We had a lesson with Errick Spradley the sister's convert, he asked us to meet with him, so that was cool. Elder Dalley gave him a blessing and in the blessing talked about his earthly father and how he would come into his life, and by his example his dad would join the church.. 2 days later his dad called and said that he could come and live with him.. before that he had not been in the picture! After that we had another lesson with Therese, she is at the church a ton now, she loves hanging out here, she is cool! Then we did some contacting in the evening!

Wednesday - We taught this new guy named Lance in the morning with Dusty, interesting fella, we taught him the Restoration, we won't be seeing him again, because he is going to China to do missionary work. Then we did some Fam History with Dusty we have been killing it, he has soo many names to take to the temple! We also had a lesson with Stanley, he is a family history guy, he is from Haiti. After we got back we gave a new guy named Hiram Menendez a church tour, but it was a really good tour, he tells us he isn't very religious though! Then a member Wesley Wright fed us dinner in the evening, some great burgers! And then we did some family history with Therese.

Thursday - We bounced out to teach a lesson to a new guy named Jamael (pronounced ja mail) he was found through a member James Burrows, we taught him the Restoration, it was such a good lesson, spirit was strong! James bore testimony and started crying. Then we had our interviews with President, which literally is always my favorite part of every week that it happens, I love Pres. Smith so much. He knows exactly what to say every time to make you feel like a million bucks! He renewed my temple recommend for me.. it expires at the end of May, and this was my last interview with him! We were there for a bit, because we had to wait for the APs to be interviewed, they are our wheels! We then had an evening of contacting ahead of us.. I was with Carlile for a while and we had some really good conversations. It's been fun to work with these two, we have developed into being on the same page in everything. And because of that, the Spirit has never been stronger in our lessons, prayers, and even studies, it has been fun!

Friday - Dan, the man, our landlord showed up to our place in the morning and said he needed our help with some service around the house... We ended up washing all of the windows and pressure washing the house and all of the back patio area, as well as cleaning off our back patios.. so it took up a good chunk of the day! And let me tell you I was manning that pressure washer for a long time! :) After all of that, we taught Therese, it was a great lesson, she has been teaching with other missionaries now, so it is sooo fun to see her just continue to grow in her testimony! Then we had a lesson with Stephanie we taught her about a month ago, and so we finally got to meet with her.. and it was such a good lesson, we just reviewed a lot of the Restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon she had read up to 1 Nephi 5.. and the spirit was really sooo strong! We all felt sooo good about the lesson. 

Saturday - This morning we did our weekly planning and then we had a lesson with Therese! And we got our shopping done and lunch... so emailing and then I think we are going bowling this evening with the other Elders and Therese, so should be good!

Love you all like crazy!! Can't even wait to talk to you all tomorrow!! 

Love you very much!!!!

Elder Hintze

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