"His date is probably going to be changed to Aug 30th, Sep 6th is FSU's first home game, so everything shuts down."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello Family!!!!!!

How is everyone doing!? I don't know why I ask ya'll that, you can't respond, but hope your doing well! I am doing outstanding, we had a really good week this week and it was transfer news today, Cooper and I are staying... and there were a few changes made to our zone, which were awesome! Lets get to it this week!

Monday - For P-Day.. we went to the mall. So it was good! But it was fun, don't know what we are up to today at all... But in the evening we had dinner at the Miler's home, he is the stake patriarch, so they are spiritual giants, they are awesome, delicious food as well! Then Gonzalo had to cancel on us... so we went around and we used the area book and chased down a lot of potentials and then we made phone calls and then we went to Dairy Queen with the Knudsen's!!!!

Tuesday - We had to drive to Madison, Florida in the morning and we went to their District Meeting out there, with the Madison Elders and Sisters, they are the only ones out there, so we were there for the meeting, and then we went on a tradeoff, I stayed in Madison, we played football after the meeting for the district activity and then pizza hut for lunch, so then we traded off and I was with them for the day! Madison is super cool, tiny little place, the church there is so cool, it is on a hill and just a tiny little thing, it is beautiful. We ran around all day trying to see all kinds of different people and doing some tracting, we got to teach one man named King, he is super awesome, they teach him a lot, and we talked to him about the spirit and prayer, he said he had never received an answer to a prayer before, King and I hit it off really well, it was a phenomenal lesson, sadly I am not there to teach him, but he has a lot of potential up in the Madison! I was with Elder Butler and Elder Christensen, they are good guys! They taught Gonzalo while I was gone, and they taught him the law of Tithing, he is the man, and he accepted it with no problems, and has committed to live it! 

Wednesday - So then Wednesday morning, we did some finding and found a new investigator for them and then we had to do the exchange reports and then we traded back around lunch time! When we got back, we did service at the Gray's we mowed part of their lawn and then it rained on us.

Thursday - We did our weekly planning session. Then we served Sister Lippen, we helped her to do lots of yard work and then we went back and we finished mowing the Gray's lawn! Then we ate dinner at the Robert's home. And we did some finding around their home and we found 2 super awesome people that we just OYMed. One of them we have taught, but we will get there! We then saw Tim Morrison the less active guy, we have been seeing him a lot and every lesson with him, is so spiritual, he really has led and prepared up to this time, to come back! We taught him about Faith in Jesus Christ and he read Alma 32, he said his faith was weak!

Friday - We got a call and we had to run and help a sister's investigator to move, so we helped them move, it was a super easy move.. so we did that and we got a potential out of it, her brother, ohhh ya! Then after that we saw Bro Barber and we visited with him for a few minutes! We are trying super hard to do Fam History with them.. then we did a lot of finding, and then we had a lesson with Sis Lamb, a less active lady, her house is full of family, that isn't member, she is an older lady, who is super sweet, so we are going to start going back and teaching the whole family!  And then we taught Gonzalo with Dusty Brock, the majority of the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom and he is debating whether to have one last hooray with alcohol, and we hammered him, it was so awesome, in such a good way, the spirit was so strong, all throughout the lesson, and by the end he was converted to not do it, he has been clean for over a month now! He is doing so good... and we went over the baptismal question with him, and there was no problems, the only thing that we have to cover is President Monson, and his date is probably going to be changed to Aug 30th, Sep 6th is FSU's first home game, so everything shuts down, they close the church parking lot! 

Saturday - Okay I am just going to say the things that are important, we visited with Jimmy Martinez, one of the dudes we found on Friday, he is awesome, him and his wife, they are Pentecostal, he is from Mexico, she is not interested, but we are coming back to teach him, he is so nice, we are coming next Saturday and they are going to make us some good Mexican food, they are really so nice!!! I don't know how much potential they have, but they are awesome! Then we ate dinner at the Gray's home, and they invited Robert Delmonico over for dinner, and we didn't even know, it was super awesome... so we ate dinner and then we had a lesson with him, we have such a good relationship with our investigators, so we taught him the start of the plan of salvation, it got off a little bit, but it was awesome. Then during the day we visited with the Culligan's a young couple, the lady is just like Hadley, like they would be best friends. They are awesome!

Sunday - We had Gonzalo and Robert at church, great meetings! Mama K, got to show me the pictures of the new little shaver... talk about adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they asked about missionary moments from the week, Robert Delmonico tried to raise my hand to share about him, he is awesome! But the Gospel Principles class was on Word of Wisdom, so Gonzalo got it again hahahaha, it is so awesome! After church we taught Cecil Porter with Bro Jackson, we taught the Restoration lesson to him, he took it a little skeptical, but he is sincere about following Jesus Christ... so he is going to do his research, and Brother Jackson and him really kicked it off! And before that we ran into this guy named Ben Cao, and he is awesome, we got to go in and teach him for a few minutes and we are going back to teach him next week! And we visited Jonathon Leidy, and then we visited Tim Morrison in the evening!

We had a good week this week. We are definitely in a finding mode, and trying to see new less actives to see.. so we are trying to figure it out still! I am excited to another one with Elder Cooper, we have had some neat experiences and we really are striving for the Spirit and it is manifest in a lot of our lessons! So things are good, I am loving the mission right now! I used to hear people say at the beginning of my mission, "I don't want to go home!" And I used to think ya'll are a bunch of crazy fools.. but every day, I learn more and more how harder it will be to end the mish one day!! Sure do love ya'll!!!!
Elder Hintze

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