Some Pictures from Tallahassee

Friday, September 5, 2014
Elder Milne, Elder Thackeray, Elder Cooper, Elder Hintze at the compound!
Elder Milne (coming out of the door), Elder Thackeray & Elder Hintze. Their landlord put up the signage on the duplex. Elder Hintze's apartment is on the right side. Two more Elder's live in a apartment in the back of the duplex.
Elder Milne, Elder Thackeray, & Elder Hintze on the porch.
Elder Hintze & Elder Jorgensen at FSU? 
Elder Hintze outside FSU's football stadium? 
Elder Hintze & Elder Jorgensen
That's a good trip to Chipotle! Slow down Elder! Watch those portions! :)

Look what we found! 
Elder ?, Elder Cooper, & Elder Hintze 

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