"Raised by members and she has a goal to be a member by the end of the year, pretty cool huh?"

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello, hope you are well and happy this week! I am doing outstanding as always, just another great day! We had a good week this week, starting to get things rolling this week! So lets get to it!!

Monday - We didn't do much for P-Day just hungout and went to Chipotle.. it is unhealthy, how much that I love Chipotle! :) This last Monday we had dinner at the Pope's home and we took Gonzalo with us, so we ate dinner with them and it was really, really awesome!! The Pope's are super cool, they were great! We had a lesson with him afterward and then we taught Gonzalo about the temple and family history and marriage and all that good stuff, it was really awesome! I love teaching the new lesson 5, they seem to fit in really nice! Gonzalo is so awesome! Afterwards, we visited a new less active guy named Tim Morrison, he said that he wants to get back and take the lessons!

Tuesday - After District Meeting, I went on a trade off with Elder Jorgensen on FSU.... so we just did contacting all day long.. all day long!!!!
The District??
And it was so fun, campus is pretty bare, but we set a goal to OYM 100 people.. we did not quite get that.. but we talked to 43 people... and a lot more we didn't really get to invite! But literally not a single person accepted or showed any bit of interest... but man it was the best day ever, we did work and had a blast, I love Elder Jorgensen! We ate dinner with the Bishop in the YSA Ward. They are super awesome as well, so it was a great day! But not much else.. Oh we ran into this girl named Mara on campus, she is super cool, she is from Virginia and she knows a little bit about the church. We had a super good contact with her, ... I don't really know why we met her, but it was super inspired that we ran into her, so we will see what happens!

Wednesday - We went to MLC all day long!! We left early in the morning and we drove the van with the Tally ZLs and the APs and so we went all the way to Crestview, Florida and then we had MLC which was like 5 hours... It is like a round table open discussion. But it was really, really good! I enjoyed it... I made a pretty big splash at my first MLC... Sister Smith said to me, "I can tell that MLC is going to be a lot more exciting with you around!" Because there have been a lot of cases of what happened to Elder Cooper... So the mission nurse was talking and at the end I raised my hand and I said, "I have a question and I am hesitant to ask, because it is a problem that is only happening with Elders, do you want me to wait until later or just go for it!?" And then President gave me the green light, so I just asked what has been causing it and if it is contagious.. and people laughed so hard, I asked if it was in the water? Or if it was in the air? Anyway but then we proceeded to talk about mission stuff and then we journeyed on home!
The Group - MLC

Thursday - We did some service with Sister Koutz in the morning, we did some yard work for her and got things straightened out for her and then we visited with her and we shared a message! And then I got to call Barbara Phillips from Dothan!!! It was the best... the Dothan sisters asked me to at MLC, apparently she always talks about me, she loves it when you guys send her stuff, absolutely loves it! It was so good to talk to her..  she just needed to hear my voice, I didn't say anything about it, and she said, because you called me I am going to give this coffee up, it was so neat to talk to her! I love her so much! Then we did our weekly planning, our mission is really bad at weekly planning. We ate dinner and then we had a lesson over the phone with Eric Erikson, he is living in a new situation, where he can't leave, it is a Christian place, so he has to go to church there for a month, then he is moving again! So we had a lesson with him, about family history, Eric is the man!

Friday - We did some service in the morning, we took a young man with us Dean Delp, who is hilarious, but we did service with Sister Flores and Sister Daniels... which ended up not going the best, Flores we replaced a toilet, but the wax ring was too big and we messed it up, so it didn't go over very well! But then we sprayed Sis Daniels house with bleach to get rid of mold. Then we got cleaned up and we taught Gonzalo at his house, and we ended up having to cover some word of wisdom issues, he is so awesome, but he is debating whether or not to have one last party with his alcohol and then be done, what the heck? I told him heck no, that is a terrible idea, so we had to do some back tracking, but things ended well. He is  a man of many questions, which is so awesome! Then we did some finding out and about! Then we had another phone call lesson with Eric about the Priesthood!

Saturday - We had to run to the church for a youth baptism, they called us 10 minutes before, so we could meet their non member friends, we did that! And then we taught Robert Delmonico in the Gray's home and all we did was we just stressed the Book of Mormon, he hasn't read it, so we taught the Book of Mormon and prayer and how to receive answers... and Brother Gray absolutely killed it! It was so awesome, the best member present ever! Then we had lunch with the Leity family a part member and Jonathon the member is less active super awesome family! We had a lesson and then shared a message... he knows what he needs to do and wants to get back, so we are going to focus hard on them! They are hilarious... so we hit it off really well with them! Then we tried a ton of part members, but couldn't get them at all... we met one lady Lisa B, who was raised by members and she has a goal to be a member by the end of the year, pretty cool huh? So we are going to start working with her! Then Gonzalo called us and had some questions about the plan of salvation, so we went over with Bishop Hargredt and we taught him the plan of salvation all the way through, cleared up all of that, and helped him to further make his decision that he should not drink again! He had been taught the plan of salvation before I got there!! The Spirit was really really strong in the lesson, good one!!

Sunday - Good church!!! We had Gonzalo there, he is so solid, he is getting baptized for sure, but if there is one thing that I have learned, you haven't got them til you have got them! :) He contributes to the lessons during classes, he is so killer! We ate lunch at the Knudsen's afterwards... it was the best thing ever, I love that family so much!!!!!! Then we did some finding, we had some appointments cancel.. then we went with Gonzalo to a baptism in YSA Ward, for the campus sisters... it was the best convert baptism ever, tons of member support and the spirit was so strong, it was awesome!!!! Then we ate dinner, did some more planning. And then we hit out and tried to do some contacting, met a part member, they grew up in Paxton Florida aka Defuniak Springs, so we bonded and are going to try and get them again!!!

Some exciting stuff happened.. we got 2 missionaries in our mission from Sierra Leone Africa, Ebola central... He is our neighbor, so he is super cool! Also, this morning me and my boy Elder Jorgensen aka Fresh, were working out at the track and I went to jump over this metal gate and on the other side... there was a hole, so I ate dirt pretty hard... like it really hurt, it was funny, so my foot is bruised and swollen keep posted for that adventure! Love you all family! Sure do think you are all the best! miss you like crazy!
Elder HIntze

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