"She called up a friend and invited her to learn more about the church, right while we were there, it was cool!"

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Family!!!!

How is everyone doing today!? I hope fantastic, I am outstanding as always! Sure do love you guys a whole lot.. there was a missionary in the mission, I don't know him, but we got a text this week that he had lost his family members in an accident, it was really sad! Just wanted you guys to know how much that I love you all and miss you!!! Please stay safe!! :) We had a pretty good week this week, we are slowly getting out and our able to do a little bit more... Lets get to it!

Monday - We played basketball with all of the homies! The APs came and they are both phenomenal at basketball, it is a requirement to be an AP! :) So we did that and then we had a lesson with Gonzalo in the evening at his place, we had a plan scheduled out and then when we got in there, we both felt that it was not what we needed to share at all... so we ended up teaching him the Word of Wisdom, he likes his beer and along with that, we committed him to baptism on Sep. 6th and he accepted! He really is so awesome, I love him, he is perfect and is so prepared! He asks so many questions, which is such a good thing, he is just trying to understand and soak it all in! Then we had dinner with the Schrader's, nice people!

Tuesday - We had our District Meeting in the morning and it was a good one.. it is weird to not be district leader after doing it for a while... then we ate at Dan's home again, he is a good guy! Really good to us! Then we had a trade off with the APs..... #APStatus... so I went with Elder Welch to their area and McPherson came with Cooper and they had to chill, because Cooper was not doing the best... but Welch and I went and we did service for Marvin Goldstein.. you know the piano guy, who does all kinds of mormon hymns and stuff.. it was cool! He gave us a bunch of CDs and stuff and he signed some stuff for us and then he played the piano for us... he didn't know any Supertramp, whats up with that!?!?!? We met with this less activeish family and they fed us birthday cake and wouldn't let us share a message and then we played some basketball with their little son and then back home! We are in the days of gnats here..... literally every single time you go outside, they are buzzing all around your face!

Wednesday - Then in the morning, we did our exchange report, and then some appointments canceled and then we did some map stuff, and then we looked at the numbers for our mission... .it is super cool to look at stuff like that! Then we went and visited a lady named Sister Hughes, she is a fairly recent convert, but she had a friend die, so we gave her a priesthood blessing and then just tried to counsel here and help here, so we shared a lot of the plan of salvation! Then we traded back.. and we had our President's interviews.. it is always the best thing in the whole world, President is the man!!!!!!! It was good, we got to talk a lot about the zone!
Thursday - We did our weekly planning  in the morning and then we had to chill during the middle of the day for Cooper to be able to rest... then we got a call, and Elder Thackery got emergency transferred to Brewton, Alabama, one of the FSU elders, so we helped him pack.. and then we helped him pack and then we had to take him to meet to the APs, he was gone with in an hour... it was nuts!

Friday - We taught Eric Erikson in the morning at the church with Bro Delp, he brought him there, and they had a lesson while I was gone.. and they shared PMG with him, so we gave him that and we went over it with him, and he is so pumped about it, he is way excited to learn how to share the gospel! Then we taught Gonzalo in the Pope's home, it was awesome.. We taught him about the Book of Mormon, we stressed it a lot, so he will read it daily and then we talked about the law of chastity and committed him to live it! He asks good questions, questions that I have never heard of before... but he is awesome, and he committed to live it!

Saturday - We did service with the Blime's in the morning, we cut down their trees and then we did some painting in the house... so I was up on the roof, doing my thing!  We had our correlation meeting! Then we ate dinner at the Blime's home, she called up a friend and invited her to learn more about the church, right while we were there, it was cool! But she said no...!

Sunday - Sunday was good one, fast sunday! We had Gonzalo there and he contributes, it is really good! We had to teach the youth class of 15 to 16 year olds oh and the 13 and 14 year olds, so we had a huge class and it was awesome, we taught them about covenants! Then we went to the YSA ward... because Eric was supposed to show up... but he didn't show up, so it was super disappointing! Then we had a awesome contact with a man named Cecil Porter... he has met with missionaries before and he wanted to bash the first time.. but then after this second visit, we set up a time to come by and teach him and the rest of his family! Then we chased a lot of people in the evening, but couldn't get anybody!

Things are good here! I am still loving it... Love you so much!!!!!!
Elder Hintze

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