"I want you to know that Elder Hintze has taken the fire from his red hair and placed it at my back side to create a new level of hard work and desire in my life."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family, Family, Family!!
Wow you guys are pretty cool.. missing ya'll a lot lately!!! Know that I love you! So we are going to keep on keeping on... just frustrating, when all of our efforts seem to keep coming chrashing down! Can't think of a single reason not to be happy though! :)

Elder Hintze, Elder Smellie, Elder Urquiaga
Monday - So car broken down, so we had to take that into the dealership. And then we played ball for P-Day it was super fun as always.. my foot really, really didn't feel well, so I played with the brace on and that made it feel much better. We ate dinner at the Millers. The Miller's are so awesome, he is the patriarch, so you know they are spiritual giants.. their home just feels so peaceful! Then we taught Gonzalo Mendez with Joshua Reynolds, a youth in the ward. We taught him about the Priesthood and organization of it, preparing him to receive the priesthood! Keep him in your prayers!
Elder Hintze, Elder Urquiaga, Elder Cooper (in bed) 

Tuesday - We had to steal the campus sister's car, because ours is down and out.. and we headed out to Madison to go to their district meeting and to do a tradeoff with them. It was a great district meeting! So then we blitzed the area.. meaning all 4 of us took the area, I went with Elder Thompson and Coop went with Elder Butler... So we broke off and they planned to have us both to tract out in this rural area.... so we tracted for 2 hours and literally knocked like 6 doors, and talked to 1 person. We couldn't get any people, but as we went from house to house, we picked up 4 dogs that just followed us every where we went.. hahahahaha, it was hilarious! 2 followed us from the first house, so that was a good treat. So after that we went for a libation at the gas station! So we decided to go see this kid I found when I was there last transfer, we talked to his aunt and taught her about the Book of Mormon, so they are headed back to teach her! Then we knocked a few more houses and this older lady let us in.. and she knew a lot of Mormons and was super lonely, so she loved to talk, Ms. Dobbs. We got to teach her for a little bit, and we shared the Book of Mormon with her and some of the Restoration and we committed her to read & pray. She showed us her baptist church program and on their prayer list it said, "Mormon Missionaries - Madison" We were on the baptist prayer roll... do you know how awesome that is!!! Super cool!!! So then we regrouped with the gang for dinner and then we went to this bible study at this church.. the preacher is somebody that they are teaching, this little tiny run down church... we walk in 3 young girls up singing, 1 lady on the front row, 1 little girl playing the drums, and him the preacher up there. HAHAHAHA it was all his family, his 4 daughters and his wife! IT WAS WILD!! They had the drums, and the girls were singing and Cooper and I were up on our feet, clapping and dancing... they loved it!! We were getting into it, I threw in a couple of Amens, and Yes Lords! :) So then he took over and he talked about Grace, which was super cool.. because it was just open.. so the others weren't chimeing in.. so I took it, and then it opened up for us to talk about Grace, and what we believe grace to be... after the sermon was over I was talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he had read part of it... and I shared Ether 12:27   "his grace is sufficient, strength become weakness" because it went right in with this sermon, I talked to him about hand in hand the Bible and the Book of Mormon teach us so much! And he said, "Let me look at that! Where is that at.. Ether 12:27 huh? Man... THAT IS ON TIME!" Haha, on time, I loved it! He is super awesome guy, he seems humble enough to learn as well, so go get em Madison Elders! Then we drove home... on the way home, we saw some people broken down, so we pulled over to help them... but the tow truck was on the way, so we took the time to teach them about the Book of Mormon and bear testimony, we felt it was the least we could do! :)

Wednesday - So still no car, they said it would be done Monday night, or Tues morning. So we called and they said he will call you, no call. Call again, oh he will call you. They wouldn't even call us back! So we hitched a ride with the other elders to the mission office, because Pres. was giving Coop his temple recommend interview. I just chilled with my girl Sister Mills (mission office senior couple) and input all of our zone numbers! We saw Eric briefly, he couldn't have a lesson. Then we tried to see Eddy Jones... and don't know what is up with him lately, but we can't contact him.. On the way to the car, we talked to this lady named Christina.... she lived in SLC, Utah or was there for 3 weeks, and while she was there she learned a lot about the church.. so we set up a time to go and see her! After talking to her and her telling us why she was turned off from religion, we said a few things and she said, "YES! Please come talk to me, I am so excited for ya'll to come over!" Also we tracted into her son, just the other day, so it seems meant to be! I'm hanging out with my boy Elder Rogers, he says, "I want you to know that Elder Hintze has taken the fire from his red hair and placed it at my back side to create a new level of hard work and desire in my life." Cooper says, "I want you to know that Elder Hintze is super fit, physically and spiritually, because he has to drag me around spiritually and physically!" I haven't talked much about Elder Cooper lately, but he is freaking awesome, we get along and just mesh super well... I feel like he is one of my best friends, so it has been great to be with him. Here are some quotes to sign off the night "You can't be right by doing wrong & you can't go wrong by doing right." -Thomas S. Monson. "Life is 10% what happens to us & 90% what we decide to do about it!" -Thomas Edison

Thursday - We did some good old studying and some good old weekly planning in the morning . So then we got out and we did some finding and didn't find anyone that was interested. We had an appointment with Sister Lamb, and then she fell through. So we went to see our man Bro. Barber, talked to him about family history, he keeps bouncing out on his appointments. We had dinner at the Carroll's home, they are super awesome. Then we went and saw the Mobley's they are recent converts of not very long, we didn't end up staying for very long... but we did share a lesson with him on faith. And when we were outside we were talking to tons of people, it is a apartment complex. So we get tons of people in there... Then we visited with Timmy Morrison... our boy, we visited with him and we controlled the show this time, we didn't let him get off.. and we just talked about the Book of Mormon and told him to cast everything else aside and just focus on the Book of Mormon, read and pray every day, and just focus on that!

Friday - We went on a tradeoff in the morning with Elder Kunzler. He is from Nevada, he lives in the shack out back, behind our house! They are in the 4th ward, but he came with me to the 1st ward. So we helped a lady named Sister Byrd, to move this giant doll house thingy into her house.. it was a super cool house, massive! And she fed us some delicious chicken pot pie! So we came back got all fresh, made some calls. Then we headed out for the day. Elder Kunzler helped me to get a good attitude... he got me going. So we started doing some finding... After a door rejected us he turned to me and said, "Christ knows how we feel." And now a direct quote from Elder Kunzler as I type: "If you want them to believe your message, you yourself have to believe that this is the most exciting and fantastic thing you have done in your whole life." Boom wisdom! So we found some semi interested people... and atheist guy said, "I will break down your beliefs in 5 minutes if you will let me." So we were just like alright, go ahead. He just said dumb stuff, so I just let him say his thing and then said, hey man we love you, offered service and then went on. Then we met this Jewish man.. We told him how the Book of Mormon was a record of his ancestors! He then started talking to us about BYU football, then we got into our car and he pulled up and he said, "What is this? Where are the bikes? THIS IS AWFUL! THIS IS AWFUL! You should be biking." He was hilarious! So we just kept in the finding grind, didn't find anyone interested. We then ate dinner at the Southern's home, she is the member, and her husband is super awesome. So interesting with Kunzler, he is a hoot... so we got out of there a little late. Then we were late to teach Eric Erikson with Bro Roberts at the church... when we were hustling there, they texted us and said, "Eric is wondering if your bringing him dinner?" So Sis Southern gave us the left over chinese food, so I brought it to him, to make his joke even funnier. We taught Eric about missionary work and how his studies of PMG are going, he is sold on the Priesthood thing, he is awesome. Then we talked to him about the importance of the sacrament, which ended up being right on time, because he said, I have been thinking a lot about that, that is my next study, I feel there is more to it. So it was really good... we taught that because he hasn't been to church in a while, so we got to get him there! Then we ran and we taught Gonzalo with Dusty Brock.. great lesson, we just talked to him about missionary work and the forms of missionary work, including Family History work, we talked more about that, and how it all connects! Gonzalo is still the man!

Saturday - We went to the Southern's house for service in the morning, she bought us some Hardee's (not Carl's Jr. :) ) for breakfast and then we did some weeding for her... picked a bunch of weeds. I am going to be such a good weeder for you Mother! And while doing that Cooper got stung by some hornets... hahaahaha it was hilarious. We had just barley switched spots too... oops! But I got red ant bites all over my hands... and let me tell you, they are no joke at all. They swell up and get bright red, and fill with juices. Gross! We came home and we got cleaned up and got out, and our appointments were a no show.. so we knocked some doors. 

Sunday - CHURCH!!! We had Gonzalo at church... sadly we didn't get anybody else! Some canceled, and then Eric got caught up with his service he does at the other church, he was planning on coming at 1 pm, but didn't show. So that was a bummer. But Gonzalo brought his grandmother, who was here from Tampa.. and she doesn't speak any english. So we had the spanish missionaries come and translate for her during sacrament meeting, it was super cool. Gonzalo called us late at night, when we were in bed, and we answered it, and I talked to him he was stressed about some school work he had to get done and was just wondering what he needed to do (cool that he called us by the way) but he said I want to go to church, but what should I do? So I tell him to get to church at least for the sacrament meeting. And so we are in sacrament and the sacrament is being passed and he leans over to me and says, "I just prayed that I would be able to get all of the things done that I need to in time. And I feel complete peace about everything, I am no longer worried." It was super cool. So after church, we went to the 5th ward sacrament, expecting Eric, but he didn't show up.. that girl Mara came to church, so that was super cool! We had to leave early, to get to an appointment, and all of our appointments canceled on us today.. then the lesson we had scheduled with Christina she was not home.. we were slightly late, and we didn't have her phone number, so we felt bad about that one. So we spent all of the day and our remaining time, trying to figure out what we need to do for zone training and we have it figured out what topics we are going to do and what we will talk on.. but we are far from being ready.. so we should not have procrastinated this long, but it should all come together, we are just going to have to do some P-Day planning. So pray for us that we will be able to get our zone training together in time.. it is on Tuesday from 10 - 1.. so we don't have much time! But I won't stress. We found a lady in the evening named Kathy.. some ladies we just started talking to, giving them my charm.. but they were being hostile towards us, but I just killed them with kindness, and we are headed back to teach them. That is my favorite thing.. my mission has made me super good at not giving it back to people when they are rude (most of the time)! I can't let the bad man get me down you know! By the way, I became a missionary for 15 months this week, how about that eh? Miss you like crazy, love you to the moon and back!
Elder Hintze 

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