"You know what only this church has and nobody else? THE PRIESTHOOD!"

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello Family!!!!

This week was a pretty crazy one... last week was the best, with nothing but teaching and meetings.... but this week wasn't our best! We were busy all the time, but we didn't seem to get much done! So we are going to try and regroup this week, and do better! ... alright lets get to it!!
Elder Thackeray & Elder Hintze
Monday - We had dinner with the Grissett's, they took us to Longhorn Steakhouse... super good! Then we helped the Delp's to do a little service project of moving a desk to someone else's house for them! Then we taught Gonzalo Mendez.. and I don't remember what we really talked to him about, he has heard everything, so we do a lot of more little in depth stuff, and read the Book of Mormon with him heavily... Satan is just working on him really, really hard, this week was the first time that I have been worried about him.. so I hope and I pray that nothing happens to throw him off the course that we are on!

Tuesday - We had District Meeting! And then we did a tradeoff with Elder Peterson and Jackman... oh and by the way the food/lunch was the best!!!!!! Really it was so awesome, everyone just loved it!!!!!! It was super cool, thank you very, very, very, very much Father!!!!!!!!! Delicious!

District Meeting lunch! Looks delicious! Gotta love the Red Elephant!
So I went with Peterson to the 4th ward... and it was just a classic day of running around trying to see these less actives and not a single person home... in the evening we did teach this couple, that their son just got baptized down in Orlando... and so they are learning about the church... it was an awesome lesson with them...we talked about the classic reading/praying/ coming to church... and how we can receive answers to our prayers!! Elder Peterson is a really good missionary, so we are excited for him to be the District Leader in our zone!

Wednesday - We did some service in the morning with a member of the 4th ward... putting in this fence... using a big ole auger to drill out these posts. Then we traded back over lunch at Chipotle. Then Coop man and I went and we did some service for Sister Lopez.. it was some good yard work cutting down trees, then we met with Gonzalo again and we did some Family History with him, we think that is going to help him out a lot! So he is on FamilySearch, and we are beginning to get into the searching out! Then the Knudsen's fed us dinner and then we went with Bro Knudsen to a lesson, but we weren't able to teach..

Thursday - We met with Val at the church in the morning, it was Elder Rogers and I and a member from the campus ward.. because we were passing him over... so we gave him a church tour and we committed him to be baptized... and he kind of accepted... but not really! Then we ate lunch somewhere and then we tried to see our man Eddy Jones... but we couldn't track him down. And then we were set to do some Fam History, but our appointment canceled on us there... so we ate dinner at the Heir's, they are super awesome! Then we taught Eric Erikson in the evening... our main man is back... he is super awesome, he is out of that Christian housing, so we are going to begin to teach him and get him to church, he didn't come this sunday, because he is sick.... but I committed him to study the priesthood in PMG and in the scriptures and he came into the lesson fired UP!!! "You know what only this church has and nobody else? THE PRIESTHOOD!" It was awesome... so we talked to him about Mosiah 2, serving others and preparing to serve in the church!

Friday - We did a trade off with the FSU Elders... so I had Elder Rogers in the 1st ward for the day! Elder Rogers is the man!! There was an emergency transfer with the sister missionaries on campus so we had to go and help them load all kinds of bunk beds and take them apart and carry them to other apartments all morning.. and in the process I broke the sisters door knob, so it wouldn't lock...  and then we finally were able to see our man Eddy Jones... so we taught Eddy about Alma 32, Faith, one of my favorites and related it to the things that he needs to do, read, pray, church... and we taught him the commandment of sabbath day holy! Then we had to go back and do more sister's work to get all of their apartments ready to go!

Saturday - We taught Robert Delmonico in the morning, unable to teach at the Gray's, but it was a good lesson, he is growing and getting more sure everytime we meet.. we talked to him about the doctrine of family history, connected it to the plan of salvation and temples! And it was a really good lesson! We didn't get him at church either... but we will get him again soon!! Then this was just the beginning of our car dying! Our car is broken, something with the battery, so we have had to get jumped by someone at least like 9 times. Then we taught Gonzalo with Montana Carroll, and it was a good lesson again, we taught him about 1 Nephi 13. Then Dan Cosson called us up and asked us to help him with some service, so he fed us Jimmy Johns' and then we had to ride with him to pick up some furniture... so he mainly just wanted company is what he told us after we were in the car! Then on our way back.. the FSU Elders texted us and said, "WE JUST GOT PERMISSION TO GO TO THE FSU GAME!" So then I'm mad.... and then they text us and said, "Marra got you guys tickets, call president!' So Marra that girl Jorg and I found on campus, works in the athletic department got us tickets... so I call President and he was grilling me with questions, but after much anticipation... he allowed us to go.... so that was like an hour before kick off... so we hustled and go there right at kickoff and bought ourselves a good shirt! It was so much fun.... I loved it... not the best game... but it was incredible!
Elder Cooper & Elder Hintze at the FSU game.

Sunday - We had Gonzalo at church, he is the only one... but he is still just straight the man! It was a good Sunday! We taught the youth class, they basically love us! Then we were set to teach Arthur, but his mother in law got taken to the hospital...so we went and visited his wife, apparently she was freaking out, and then went and we spent some time with him at the hospital! Then we attended Cam's baptism, a investigator from the FSU Elders... so that was awesome. Then Ted & Kaityln invited us to attend their Catholic mass that evening, so we went and we attended the Catholic mass with them, and they had their Bishop there, which is the equivalent of an area authority... But then our car died in the parking lot... and we didn't have our dinner appointments phone number... so once we finally got the car, were able to find their number... we were an hour late... and so we missed it and then we went home and ate our dinner!!!

So kind of a harder week! But still good, we were literally running crazy all week! So all good in the hood! I miss you guys like crazy, did a lot this week!!! Can't tell you how thankful I am for all ya'll! Love ya!!!!

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