"I can honestly say that this mission, is the best thing that has happened to me in my life!"

Monday, August 25, 2014

What's UP Family!!

I hope you are all well and happy, and know how much I love you! We had an awesome week this week, super busy transfer week, so we did not get to do as much proselyting as we would have liked, but I guess I am just going to have to live with that, that is the name of the game as a zone leader, it kills me to not be out and in the grind! Had some neat things happen this week. I can honestly say that this mission, is the best thing that has happened to me in my life! This last transfer here in Tallahassee, has been fantastic, I have grown so much! 

Monday - Last Monday, we went to the mall and I purchased my self from new slacks from H&M for only 15 dollars.. killer deal! After that we ate dinner with the Schraders, awesome people. After that we went with Bro Roberts and we taught Gonzalo Mendez, we were teaching him about Pres Monson and the commandment to Follow the Prophet, which as we started to explain and as he had done his own research on LDS.org, that we commited him to. He had no problems with it at all, and does believe that he is a prophet.. Gonzalo is awesome for real though, one of my favorite people I have taught, living Chastity, living Word of Wisdom for over a month, accepts everything, so honest and sincere, Gonzalo is the man!

Tuesday - Had our District Meeting today. After our District Meeting, we went bowling and that was a good time, even thought I hate bowling!
The District
Then we were on an exchange, so I went with Elder Hildebrandt and Cooper went with Elder Reyes. So we went and we contacted a man name John Burkes who was talked to on the street corner by a member about the church, and then right then and there the member called us and had us talk to the guy and get his information and all that... it was super cool. But we had not been able to contact him for a long time, so we finally were able to and we sat down and we began to talk and just learn his background, we taught him God is our Loving Heavenly Father, and the Book of Mormon. But later on this week, he called us and told us it wasn't for him... so we have got to go talk to him again! And then we went to our meeting with the Stake Presidency, ate dinner, we were fed by the Flores at the church.

Wednesday - We did our studies and then we traded back. And then the Stake President, President Burton took all of the ZLs in Tallahassee out to lunch, so that was cool. Then it was a crazy day of planning and everything.. Elder Zwick is arriving today.. so this week is going to be even more crazy. MLC this Tuesday with him, devotional that night.. then half mission conference Thursday with him... so we have missionaries coming from Panama City Zone and Dothan Zone and they are sleeping over at our place Wednesday night, so we have been coordinating who sleeps where and then coordinating transfers and all that jazz... so we have been crazy busy trying to coordinate everything with the work! So Wednesday night we picked up new missionaries and we got to take them out.  I took out Elder Harding, he is now in the Tally 1st Ward with us.. really good guy. We ate dinner with the Johnson's and then we saw Sister Lamb and then did some finding with him. Cooper and his man, saw Tim Morrison!

Thursday - Then it was transfer day.. so we we're at transfers bright and early, making sure that everyone knew where they were headed!
Transfer Day

Transfer Day
We took Elder Harding with us and got him all settled in and then he was with us until that night! And then we saw a recent convert named Sister Mobley, they are super awesome, they are struggling a little bit, but we are going to start to help them! Then we we're just knocking doors and we met this man named Eddie Jones, older gentleman, and he let us immediately in, so we just talked to him and did our HTBT and then introduced the Book of Mormon to him and just bore testimony of the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. At the end he said, oh ya I have read the Book of Mormon a bunch before and met with missionaries, so we were like WHAT? And honestly I didn't believe him or think much of it, just because we get stuff like that a lot, so we'll get back to him! But then we went to transfer spot again.. and I had to leave Cooper with another missionary, so Harding and I went back, got everyone situated again and got everyone on the right path!
Transfer Day
Friday - Service day, we did service with Sister Koutz and the Schrader's as well! We did some yard work and then we had to burn a lot of limbs and clean up for the Schrader's... after that we came home and had time for a tiny bit of weekly planning action. And then we went back and we taught Eddie Jones, and we taught him the restoration to him and his granddaughter Nancy who is like 12, and it was awesome, spirit was there. We said a kneeling prayer with him and it was super awesome, he said he knew these things were true!  Then we had a lesson with Arthur Harrelson, a investigator that we hadn't seen for a long time. We finally got back up with him and talked to him a little bit about the Doctrine of Christ.. so we are going to get back into the habit of teaching him now! Then we taught Gonzalo in the evening with Bro Bell... and it was awesome as always.. we finally got him settled down about his questions!

Saturday - In the morning we met with Gonzalo. We did some major weekly planning for our area. And then we got invited by the Stake Presidency to attend the leadership stake conference session, so we went to that and it was awesome! Then we grabbed a quick bite and then we had the evening stake conference.. and that was tremendous as well... I am growing so much more lately than I ever have, as far as feeling the spirit.. and Pres Smith told my story of Gloria and our first appointment in stake conference again.. he tells it at all the MLCs, he told it to the new missionaries, he tells it in stake conferences.. and this one got me... I was balling as he told about our first appointment with Gloria... it was really,  really neat! I have been thinking a lot about Gloria lately, ya'll should give her a call! Tell her that I am thinking about her!

Sunday - We had our stake conference again, and Pres and Sis Smith spoke and they just absolutely kill it every time it is the bomb! And guess who we had in there Eddie Jones, the dude showed up and he is awesome!!!!!! We are looking forward to teaching him this next week, he is so solid! So then we taught Jimmy and Margie Martinez, they made us lunch.. :) We began to teach them the Plan of Salvation... Jimmy can't understand us entirely and Margie is kind of looking to prove us wrong, but their neighbors are members, so we are looking to get them involved!

Family, sure can't get over how great you all are! I love you all and miss you dearly!
Elder Hintze

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